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Building a Cyber Security Pipeline to Attract, Train, and Retain Women - Research Paper Example

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Cyber security jobs vacancies are quite difficult to fill, as there are more than one million unfilled positions in the world, according to the 2014 statistics. There are strategies for filling the positions by some companies such as Symantec Cyber Security Career Connection in…
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Building a Cyber Security Pipeline to Attract, Train, and Retain Women
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Extract of sample "Building a Cyber Security Pipeline to Attract, Train, and Retain Women"

Download file to see previous pages al, 2010). The focus is training for the positions that do not require the candidate to have a college or university degree. The education is very convenient as it takes the form of online training and women can train as they perform their daily duties.
Some of the most important training will be in mitigating risk solutions and networks mapping. The training will assist in the protection of the information for various users such as companies, organizations, as well as individuals and governments and ensure that women remain in the cyber security job for long. Cyber crime rates are very high challenging security in many countries including the US and training many adult women is a strategy that will help reduce the menace. The talented women will have all the skills concerning cyber security, which will improve the cyber security and reduce the labor shortage in the cyber security markets.
Targeting adult women for the training programs in cyber security is important since most of them will have a chance to further their studies and earn extra income. Adults are also more available and responsible for the job than children in the high school and other levels. Current information on the US professional workforce shows that women comprise a small percentage of the employees in the Information Technology (IT). Targeting adult women for the cyber security training will, therefore, increase the number of women in the sector and encourage more to enroll. One major reason for the few adult women in the cyber security jobs is that lack of focus in education and interest in sciences, engineering, and technology for women. A strategy that targets adult women to join the cyber security course will be very effective, as they will realize their potential and encourage other to venture in the same career.
There are several resources available for adult women on such issues as education, training, and careers in cyber ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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