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The structure followed a geographic model in creating the organization units where the categorization was based on the four offices located in different locations. The four departments also exist as individual, organizational units in each of the four rooms with their naming…
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CIS256 U2 Project
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Design of ECPI EMR Insert Insert Part The structure followed a geographic model in creating the organization units where the categorization was based on the four offices located in different locations. The four departments also exist as individual, organizational units in each of the four rooms with their naming based on their departmental names.
Part 2
How the users are named in the domain
A suitable name convention in the company would be fistname_secondname. When the first and second names are similar, we add the initial of the middle names. For instance, if the names are James Mathews King and James Mathews David, the resultant names are: james_mathewsK and james_mathewsD. The later is because of the anticipated level of growth for the firm (Minasi, 2010). Therefore, there is a need for a standard format to cater for the increasing number of users. Therefore for the five domain accounts, the names will be as follows:
Part 3
Security groups in the company function to group the computers, the users and other groups that will be necessary for assigning permissions to various resources. On the other hand, the distribution groups are important when creating lists for email distribution.
Group Name
Use in company
Role of members
Oversee work and staff
Administer the systems i.e. assign permissions
Domain computers
Users of active directory
Account operators
Administrative control in the particular domain
They use the active directory
Other users
Use the system
Use resources of the company to accomplish tasks
Minasi, M. (2010). Mastering Windows Server 2008 R2. Indianapolis, Ind.: Wiley Pub. Read More
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