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Evolution Of Knowlendge Management Within A Law Enforcement Agency - Assignment Example

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Ordinary, evolution of knowledge management within a law enforcement agency has enhanced inter- and intra-agency communication.Normaly; intra agency communications remain inside a solitary agency. This communication is limited to the employees of the organization. On the other…
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Evolution Of Knowlendge Management Within A Law Enforcement Agency
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Download file to see previous pages The police have been able to use the inter agency communication which has enabled the traffic police to share information with the registration and FBI departments to keep law and order upon the roads. The traffic police will share the information with the vehicle registration department to affirm that the vehicles are registered and that they are in good conditions. If the vehicle has some registration issues the FBI will have to investigate the issue. This ensures that the law and order is obeyed by the motorists. The inter agency communication is greatly enhanced in the patrols and it helps to bring order.
The federal rules of criminal procedure forbid the disclosure of matters occurring before a grand jury. This is because of the privacy act of the suspect and the investigation. The violation of the rule may be punished as disrespect of court. “This is because any violation of the rule can endanger an investigation to the extent that civil litigation may become impossible. The privacy act also provides that any agency which maintains a system of records containing information of a personal nature which is retrieved by name, social security number, or some other identifying number, symbol, or identifying particular, must ensure that administration of the file complies with requirements in the privacy act.” (Anonymous, 2012) The information will only be used by the government agencies and it should not be shared to other individuals.
“Normally, the investigatory files are exempted from these requirements by reason of the provision of the act which exempts investigatory material compiled for law enforcement purposes. In addition, departmental regulations can deny disclosure to anyone, including the individual subject of the record, of information compiled in reasonable anticipation of a civil action or proceeding. At times, another government agency may request documents from EBSA. If there ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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