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System conversion was a real problem, transforming from the old system to the new system proofed complex to many employees. The adoption method that was used in implementing the system…
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Debriefing report Insert Insert Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (MSCC) has problems in the management and information technology. System conversion was a real problem, transforming from the old system to the new system proofed complex to many employees. The adoption method that was used in implementing the system was less favorable. Loss of data was another issue and needed immediate address since most works had to be done manually due to the breakdown of the system at one point. Decision-making channels are not well specified, and the office to undertake procurement is not well stated. Cost reduction was to be addressed due to increased budget. Data backup and system documentation had not been addressed (Schmidt, Erek, Kolbe & Zarnekow, 2009). Communication channels in the company were poor thus retrieving information from responsible persons was impossible. “Lassiter was finding it very difficult to gain information from Kovecki on the progress and status of the system conversion” (Midsouth chamber of commerce, n.d.).
Recommendations for role modification
A person who clearly understands the roles to be undertaken must head each section/department. Information technology department had to employ a full-time staff with experience in membership organizations and experience on the accounting software to ensure full running of the new system. Simon Kovecki was employed but lacked experience in membership organizations and the accounting software. He wasted a couple of months in learning how the organization operates and training himself on how to use the system. All systems must contain documentation to ensure ease of use (Schmidt, Erek, Kolbe & Zarnekow, 2009). Decision-making role must be well defined to ensure decision pertaining the company is made at the right time; immediately. A specific department to avoid role duplication should do purchasing.
Recommendations for third party vendor contract (specifically UNITRAK)
UNITRACK software is the best since it is powerful and can handle the matters of the MSCC Company even during its growth. The software is user-friendly and cheap. UNITRAK software firm could have been given chance to install the software and train all the employees as this could have cut cost on training and relieve Kovecki the computer analyst from the training job to handle other system affairs of the company like interviews. Implementation cost could have been cut off since UNITRAK would have done this free of charge (Schmidt, Erek, Kolbe & Zarnekow, 2009).
Recommendations the future
Information technology systems are always complex and need expertise to use. Transforming from the old system to new system (target system) is challenging. Before actual transformation, the best adoption strategy must be selected. System requirements must be checked to ensure that they can be met. Risks that may occur during the changeover must be controlled. Once the requirements are met, the system testing can commence checking the validity and effectiveness of the system (Schmidt, Erek, Kolbe & Zarnekow, 2009).
The best adoption strategy MSCC should employ is parallel adoption. In parallel adoption, the old and the new system run at ago. This is to ensure smooth running of organizations affairs without a halt. Employees can adopt the system at their own pace, and they can still use the old system if the operations they are undertaking are complex on the new system. Data loss will be minimized since the system needs not to stop at once. The system analyst can get time to backup the data before full transformation.
Schmidt, N., Erek, K., Kolbe, L., & Zarnekow, R. (2009). Sustainable Information Systems Management. Business & Information Systems Engineering, 1(5), 400-402. doi:10.1007/s12599-009-0067-y Read More
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Debreifing Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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