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In regard to that, there is need to integrate the company with a database management system (Gupta & Mittal, 2009). In establishing the system, there is a need to relate the kind of processes in…
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Project Budget
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Database Management System proposal memo Insert Insert Introduction Offsite has been experiencing an increasing growth in the kind of data it handles. In regard to that, there is need to integrate the company with a database management system (Gupta & Mittal, 2009). In establishing the system, there is a need to relate the kind of processes in the company with the technology that the database system brings. The database platform will easily manage and allow updating of the core functionalities of the firm.
The company’s stakeholders will include the employees of the firm and the managers. They will be introduced and trained on the new system. They will require a training period of four days each involving five hours of training. The division will facilitate understanding of the new system and legal compliances surrounding the database system. The eventual result is to see the database system link all the data in the three branches belonging to offsite. The entire process will cover an estimated cost of $1000 (Lech, 2013). The budget was arrived at based on the number of the days in the training, the number of trainees and the efficiency the practice would bring.
The new system seeks to organize, combine and maintain the data that is essential for operations. The aim is to centralize the firm’s operations that involve human resources, finances, distribution and production into one database system. The training will center on how to protect the database system, how to find out penetrations to the system and how to get out of such a situation. The latter will ensure compliance with the standing laws and regulations to the rules, policies and principles established in the firm. To ascertain the success of the project, will use questionnaires, peer reviews, observation, and interviews. The implementers of the system will be in a position to evaluate how the persons at the operational level are using the system.
Critical tasks will involve teaching team leaders the firm’s work-flows. That is vital for the implementation of the system since the persons doing this need to understand the processes in the business (Dobson & Leemann, 2010). That will enable them to customize the system specifically for the needs of the company. Therefore, these persons need to analyze the users needs critically. The training will include training of individuals how to examine processes from their departmental perspectives.
The next stage will involve establishing a relationship between the new system being implemented and the old system. New ways of accomplishing the old ways will be taught with an interest in removing doubt and encourage embracing the new concepts.
The training will also involve teaching various learning mechanisms to cater for the diverse population of the staff. The previous will help the staff to embrace the practice and do the work the way you like them to do it. That is after making them understand why the task has to be performed that way.
The use of trainers familiar with the trainees especially the head of departments will speed up the learning process. Learners tend to be freer with them since they understand their weaknesses and capabilities (Dobson & Leemann, 2010). Further, the training will involve making the learners understand the need for change and embracing it to ease theyre working in the company. In addition, their learning will be customized to include continuous processes that trainers may continue even after completion of the training.
The training processes and the implementation of the project may be costly in the short term as the stakeholders and employees adjust to the new system. However, after its mastery, the financial implication to the firm will include, increased revenue because of efficient processes and more satisfied employees.
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Lech, P. (2013). Time, Budget, and Functionality?—IT Project Success Criteria Revised. Information Systems Management, 30(3), 263-275. Doi:10.1080/10580530.2013.794658 Read More
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Project Budget Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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