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The author describes the Physicians’ Desk Reference, a platform which provides useful information and guide to consumers of drugs and health workers, The compilation of publications’ from manufacturers gives physicians the mandate to prescribe drugs …
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Internet Searching
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Internet Searching
The Physicians’ Desk Reference provides a platform which provides useful information and guide to consumers of drugs and health workers. The compilation of publications’ from manufacturers gives physicians the mandate to prescribe drugs.
The drug in selection from the Drug A-Z category is Advil Cold and Sinus. The generic name of the drug is Ibuprofen or Pseudoephedrine HCL. The drug is a pain reliever as well as nasal decongestant with many uses. Some of its uses include relieving headache temporary, reducing sinus pressure and fever, unblocking nasal congestion and reduction of minor body aches.
The disease and condition of choice is Cervical Cancer. This disease is an abnormality of the cervix just like how other cancerous infections arise due to the abnormality of the various affected body parts. To be specific, Cervical Cancer occurs due to the abnormal cell changes in the cervix. The cell changes are characterized by a rapid multiplication of the cells. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus which opens to the vagina. The Human papilloma virus is the primary cause of this deadly disease.
The website of the address given is The location of the address on a detailed map indicates that the IP address belongs to a time zone of New York, United States of America.
A Uniform Resource Locator is a specific address for a document that is available on the internet. The most convenient way to access a Website is to enter its homepage URL that is found on its specific Web browser’s address line. An example of an URL is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).
An EHR is an electronic health record system. The system is very reliable and convenient as it allows easy and safe recording, accessing and storing of health records as compared to the paper recording system that has a lot of manual procedures. The EHR system has many benefits and its application in the health care sector has been of great importance. It improves efficiency, quality and safety of the heath records. The system then engages participation of patients and their families in the recording of medical information. The system also improves the general health of the public. Lastly, the system not only improves healthcare coordination but also ensure confidentiality in personal health information.
The domain name system is a system that outlines the location of the domain names in the internet and translates them into internet protocol addresses. The domain name system distributes the lists of domain names and their respective IP addresses through a hierarchical order since the maintenance of a central list of the domain names or IP address is impractical. (
The use of internet to access information has a major benefit to information seekers since it has a wide range of information from various topics where one can find almost anything they are looking for. Despite the benefit that comes along with accessing information from the internet, it comes along with risk to loose personal data through hackers, spyware or viruses. Read More
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Internet Searching Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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