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Service Operations Management Team Project - Essay Example

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The first team member will be responsible for the logistics, ensuring the procurement of all the resources required to complete the project. The same project…
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Service Operations Management Team Project
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Download file to see previous pages The third member will be given the task of both internal and external communication and the identifying of new service opportunities for the organization. The member will be engaged on mobile communications and the linkages to the social sites including Facebook and Twitter. The fourth member, will be responsible for marketing, and will have to work together with the third member to leverage on the communication capabilities. The project will majorly pursue Mobile marketing because it has been realized that majority of the target customers are on mobile communication platforms.
Every organization and project team requires a decision on the appropriate timings in order to realize the strategic plan. Since this project involves consultancy, it is easier for the project management process to run by dividing the tasks into four subtasks, logistics, co-ordination, communication and marketing. For example, the coordinator will only be concentrating on the decision on the timings of event. When a client needs to be attended to by the organization, the coordinator will decide on the timing of when the client will be attended to depending on the available work force and other resources. The member in charge of logistics will therefore be of great significance when the resources are required, for example, transporting the staff members to the site to offer the consultancy services. In order to get information from or pass information to the clients, suppliers and other service providers, the member in charge of communications does the communication on the various channels to present the consultancy services to them and offer necessary information. During the service delivery, the person will maintain the contact with the client until the service is completely delivered. There will be need for the person to collect the opinions of the clients from the communication channels concerning the quality of services they receive from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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