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Writing a reflection based on persona poster i created - Essay Example

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The discussion in class about social technologies and its application particularly in the social media was very interesting and relatable but did not really surprise me. It did not surprise anymore because my generation had been using it without even realizing that we are…
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Writing a reflection based on persona poster i created
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Download file to see previous pages The use of social technologies however is not only limited in social media such as Facebook and Twitter. We also used it in doing business, doing transaction and research although we may not realize it that we were already using it before the class. For example, when we buy some goods online where there is a camera for us to check it, it is already a use of social media. Checking online for an internship or summer job is already the use of social technology.
Of course the class taught concepts about user research. They are however too generalized and I cannot relate to all of them. There are some concepts that are alien to me such as explanation of the hardware used in social technology and there are others that I could very much relate to it such as the application of social technology in social media. But of course, who would not be able to relate to social media with people of my age when almost all of us are engrossed with it. So my understanding of user research is basically personal empowerment. User research provides me with most of the information to become functional and productive as well as to be nonproductive. I mentioned that user research provide me with the most information to become functional because it enables me to do the things that I need to do. For example, user research provides me information needed to complete school works right at the comfort of my home. I can access the library or other books online. I can even do transactions online without having to leave my home. This is consistent with my statement when I said that user research makes me productive. I can pay my bills, inquire information about the things that I need to know and even enroll myself in school online which would have taken a lot of time and effort without the facility of user research. Research could also serve as a distraction when I have to surf the net with useless things when I need to finish something such as checking my Facebook ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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