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In software companies, junior web engineer plays an integral role through perceiving various roles and responsibilities including web-designing planning, creating and coding using their technical and non-technical skills and competencies as per the requirements of the clients…
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Research report in the field of Web Development and emerging standards
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Download file to see previous pages ly, UH Solutions is Bizzolutions soft group that conduct their activities based on the latest innovative technologies and prior role of the development teams and engineers for keeping the performance up-to-date towards maintaining the competitive edge of the company in the global environment (Turnbull, 2013).
In the real world, the continuous revolutionary approaches in all the spheres and dimensions of technology have imposed enormous impacts over the inhabitant’s lives. To be precise, significant development of Information Technology (IT) has strong impacts over the entire industrial sector especially in the software sector. The emergency of the internet evolves from development of electronic computers with the concept of packet networking. The concept of internet has also been linked to the development of ARPANET by the US Department of Defence’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), which is packet-switching network designed to form communication among the ARPA terminals during 60’s. Besides, Paul Baran and Donald Davies have made the first stable linkage among the multiple computers with the use of ARPANET during the year 1969 after ten year of development of initial conceptual network that develop by Paul Baran and Donald Davies. Though at such time the computer were highly expensive but with the significant development of IT, the use and benefits of internet has been recognise in every sphere of industries (New Media Institute, 2014; Computer History Museum, 2004). Initially, the development of internet has not resulted into the prevalence of the concept of web. Web has been developed with the use of three key protocols including HTML (Hypertext markup language), HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and URLS (Uniform resource locator). Murray Leinster has initially developed this idea in 1946 but the real version has been developed earlier in 80’s when Tim Berners Lee work over the ‘Enquire’ project. ‘Enquire’ consist of database of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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