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Kaner, Falk & Nguyen (2009) defines software testing as an investigation that is done to give the various stakeholders in software development information regarding the quality of the product. It gives a very objective and independent view about the software so that those who…
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Software testing
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Download file to see previous pages It is the duty of the programmer to select a feasible technique which is available at the time of test so that the required information about the application can be obtained (Savenkov, 2008). The test does not only give objective view on the risks but also on the quality of that given product that is being developed.
According to Meyer (2008), software testing can be done immediately an executable application is available. In most instances, the approach which is being used in the software development process will dictate when the testing will be done and how it will be carried out. When the phased process is being used by the developers, then tests will be run and done immediately after the definition of the system requirements. On the other hand, when the Agile approach is being used, the programming process and the testing are done concurrently.
During designing and building of an application, the programmer may make mistakes in causing defects. Defects are the flaws that are found in the software. When the results obtained when the application is executed deviates from what was expected, then it is an indication that there are defects in that particular software. It implies that any kind of deviation from the specifications that are given at the beginning of the design and development process will result in defects. On the other hand, when software does not meet the needs and expectations of the end users, then it can be said that it has carrying bugs. The bugs may be caused by error in logic or coding (Rodríguez, Llana & Rabanal, 2014). Thus, the testing process is done with the intention of unraveling the bugs and defects. When the tests yield a large number of errors and defects then it will be referred to as a Buggy software.
Edsger Dijkstra, a key figure in the field of computer science claimed that the software testing does not show the absence of bugs and faults but ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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