CIS375 Human Computer questions 1-3 - Assignment Example

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Using a touch screen can be cumbersome. Consider a situation where we replace the whole laptop keyboard space with a touch based keyboard. That will mean accidental touches of the palm while typing since a single touch will mean a character which might be unnecessary…
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CIS375 Human Computer questions 1-3
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Q1.Touch Screens A. Using a touch screen can be cumbersome. Consider a situation where we replace the whole laptop keyboard space with a touch based keyboard. That will mean accidental touches of the palm while typing since a single touch will mean a character which might be unnecessary. Buttons on keyboards ensure no accidental typing since you must press a button for an action.
For a remote control it involves very basic uses like a changing a television channel and it may be considered as an unnecessary production cost to produce touch screen remotes since they are more expensive. Why would you produce an expensive device when there’s a cheaper one which can do the job with more efficiency?
B. Using small touch screen devices is easier than lager devices due to their portability. It’s easier to move them from place to place rather than larger devices that you have to move to where the device is to use it. Large devices also provide a larger and bigger display surface hence its more accurate to operate on individual spots on the screen while touching.
Q2. Usability goals
A. Functionality- As the price of devices reduce due to increasing technology level, most people consider the functionality of a device very useful. Some basic and important functionalities include internet provision(fast internet from 3G and beyond), Wi-Fi support, Camera, Music, Video playing etc. These are very common uses among people and anyone who needs them will highly consider the device they purchase.
Ease of use-Touch screen devices have proved to be efficient especially when scrolling on screens. Unlike button based devices where one has to scroll through several icons to get to the target, touch screens allows direct selection so long as the icon is appearing on the display area.
B. Using the bottom stove is easier than using the top stove. The problem with the top stove is that it is difficult to tell which control goes with which burner. The solution is to arrange the controls in the same configuration as the burners. It is quite easy to tell which burner goes with which control.
Q3. From the Mac Desktop to the iPad User Interface
A. The three interfaces provide a form of interaction involving manipulating of objects presented as icons on the display. The interface of the 1987 Mac is too plain and offers very little aesthetic value to the user. Compared to the 2005 Mac Os X and the 2010 Ipad, the two offer better interface as the user can easily tell the meaning of an icon without even reading its label. For example on the ipad interface, the user can easily identify a calendar icon and a music player icon and know their purposes without reading about them. The Mac Os X interface is also superior to the 1987 Mac since hovering over the menu at the bottom enlarges the menu icon gets the users attention. The Ipad and Mac Os X also provide more and better ways of customizing the interface to fit what they like and suits them. The two present a better way of manipulating the objects on the display than the 1987 Mac.
B. Digital based digital calendars are better than paper based calendars since they are contained in devices that have other functionalities. Unlike a paper based calendar which only has one functionality and occupies a much bigger space like a section of a wall.
Digital based calendars are more portable compared to paper based. A device with a calendar application will mean that you always have the calendar so long as you have the device and some that are provided online like Google calendars where you can access them from anywhere .
Digital calendars provide more functionality like adding reminders where the device will make an alert compared to writing on a paper calendar where only your memory serves as the reminder; forgetting means its no longer a reminder unless you check the calendar. Google calendars allow the user to view their unique calendar where they can set their events and even access them from anywhere on other devices.
Q4. Cognition Processes
A. The two engines both display a search bar as the main part on the initial search screen. This directly refers the user to type in the search word even without reading any instructions. The search bar also appears at the top of the search results to inform the user that they can search anything else.
B. Millers arguments are based on scientific methods proof and involve analysis of variables and he sites different experiments as methods of proof. Robert Bailey’s arguments come up as speculations without enough evidence to back up his argument.
Q5. Virtual Communications
A. Physical hugging provides a more psychological connection between two people while the hug shirt is just a machine and there is no physical attachment to it by the user. The most important part of a hug is the physical presence of the second person. As much as a virtual hug may try to recreate the scenario it cannot be as perfect .
B.A chatbot has artificial intelligence and has the ability to recognize changes in the user environment according to how they address it. It can rephrase a users question or statement and give them the correct response and can also give suggestions to the user. It can respond to the user and make them feel like they are in a real conversation. Unlike clippy which just popped out of nowhere and make suggestions without being asked which is annoying makes a chat hence its low on user acceptance and the fact that Clippy was not updated regularly resulted to poor maintenance.
Q6. Behavioral Change
A. Music generated by electronic devices is easier to compose since with the assistance provided by the devices one is able to compose the music and test it immediately. This also reduces the time involved in composing the music. A paper based music composition will involve cumbersome arrangement and rearrangement to get the music right. Musicians will have to compose the song on paper and practise on how to recite the song which will take some time.
B. Wells Fargo should provide financial documents to people who are blind are or have low vision in alternate formats like braille or large print.
They should provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services upon request for in-person meetings between Wells Fargo staff and individuals who are deaf, and remove barriers to access for individuals with mobility disabilities
Wells Fargo should accept calls made through a relay service by customers who are deaf, are hard of hearing, or have speech disabilities; remove physical barriers to access identified at its retail stores; provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services, including qualified sign language or oral interpreters, computer-assisted real-time transcription, qualified readers, and documents in alternate formats (Braille, large print, audio format, accessible electronic format) to persons with disabilities when necessary to ensure effective communication throughout its financial services and programs; ensure that its ATMs and websites are accessible to individuals with disabilities; and remedy all other instances of discrimination - including architectural barriers and operational issues  Read More
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CIS375 Human Computer Questions 1-3 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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