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Banks all over the world have been invaded by a cybercrime group being labeled ‘Carbanak gang’ which has been stealing millions of dollars in cash from banks and personal accounts and dispensing some of it through ATMs at different times of the day. The gang has used malware…
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Disaster Recovery
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Disaster Recovery Banks all over the world have been invaded by a cybercrime group being labeled ‘Carbanak gang’ which has been stealing millions of dollars in cash from banks and personal accounts and dispensing some of it through ATMs at different times of the day. The gang has used malware to infiltrate into the computers of bank employees and monitor through video feeds the activities of the bank and used this to steal the cash. Over $300 million dollars has been stolen so far. The incident was only discovered after an ATM in Ukraine was discovered through video monitoring to be dispensing money at random times even without anyone having inserted an ATM card or even being in the ATM booth at the time. The malware was discovered by Kaspersky lab technicians and who unearthed the stream of bank robberies through hacking that have been going on (Sanger & Perlroth, 2015).
This banking disaster in several banks online is an indication of the lack of a disaster recovery plan in place and especially the one which acts as a preventive plan. If any of the hacked banks had enacted a preventive disaster recovery plan in place, this incidence would not have affected them. It would also have been detected earlier than it was and much of the already lost money would have been prevented. A disaster recovery prevention plan ensures that any attempt at hacking of the banking systems let alone hacking for a period of two to four months to simply get feedback through video feeds from employees’ computers would have been detected and prevented or dealt with (Whitman & Mattord 148). There is dire need to correct this is the banks hope to beat this gang as well as prevent such future incidences.
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