New Technology of Management - Case Study Example

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This paper tells that necessity: Initiation of this project aims at increasing business operations through a process that recreates new systems of management. The new management techniques are dynamic as they incline to quick development as well as offering improved consecutive service for clients…
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New Technology of Management
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Systems Analysis
1. System Request
Double B Builders
Necessity: Initiation of this project aims at increasing business operations through a process that recreates new systems of management. The new management techniques are dynamic as they incline to quick development as well as offering improved consecutive service for clients. The systems make this possible through creation of an integrated database, which combines relevant information.
2. The Existing System
Operations at Double B Builders come inform of repeat business as well as word of mouth. The company offers personal service to customers in spite of its small size. Supervision from the owner of the company increases its credibility.
The current system was only effective when company operations remained largely small. The workforce was also small.
Various parts of the system are obsolete or redundant. The process at Double B Builders for instance, entails double functions of creating information in Excel before keying the same in Microsoft Word.
The system lets the company use too many papers. Paperwork is cumbersome as it brings a lot of difficulty to use.
The system fails in integration involving data and processes. The company experiences a large margin of error because of too many manual procedures.
3. Current process modelling
The management at Double B Builders recognizes the need for a new system based on ineffectiveness of the current system. Manual preparation of reports within the company remains in tandem with external demands.
Level 0
Level 1
4. Current Systems Data Framework
4.1 ERD
4.2 Requirements
Organizations have to automate the entire process of managing expenses as well as accounting(Mackey &Sisodia, 2013).It is common for companies and other institutions to get significant inefficiencies because of increased costs of processing information.
The high cost also includes efforts aimed at gathering; recording, coordinating, and disseminating information often undertake manually (Simmons, 2012). Therefore, top-level executives at Double B Builders placed enhancing housing processes as a top strategic priority with the aim of enhancing efficiency.
5. Data Dictionary - Description of Tables, attributes and types
5.1 Customer Table
The new system uses various elements of modern Information and communication technology. The process entails using web-based applications, submission, approving, and reporting of information. With the help of the new software system, Builders B moves away from paper-based solutions to electronic channels..
5.2 Table for payments
Applications in the new software system addresses company questions in many areas including utilization, billing, compliance the company policy on entertainment and travel, client profitability, as well as aspects of rebilling expenses.
5.3 Invoice table
The new software system increases efficiency at Builders B in many ways. The system centralizes the management of times of reporting by employees and other workers in addition to entertainment and travel expenses.
5.4 Supplier Table
The systems will improve safekeeping of policies for Builders B. The new system also helps in close monitoring to improve compliance (Simmons, 2012). The housing company uses the new software system to evaluate the information that helps in saving money
6. The value of the new software system
Efficiency tracking remains an imperative element of successful operation at Double B Builders (Mackey &Sisodia, 2013). Double B Builders will experience increase in bottom line overall management of office supplies, sales merchandises, as well as raw materials for manufacturing by having up-dated data. Builders B will save money by eliminating possibilities of reordering unnecessary goods.
Mackey, J., &Sisodia, R. (2013).Conscious capitalism: Liberating the heroic spirit of business. Boston, Mass: Harvard Business Review Press.
Simmons, H. (2012). How to talk your way to success. New York: Prentice-Hall. Read More
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New Technology of Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 54.
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