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Business case for an IT Solution for solution to a real healthcare issue in Population Healt Management - Research Paper Example

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Even though it is important and critical in day to day life has certain challenges in it when it comes to data management. The methods used to collect data and its use has…
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Business case for an IT Solution for solution to a real healthcare issue in Population Healt Management
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Download file to see previous pages This has made it hard for the organizations to meet their set goals or targets. Even though the EHR (Electronic Health Records) provides many of the health facilities with clinical data in raw form, there have still been some challenges. The challenges include ensuring that the data is accessible and the same time usable. An additional challenge has been reporting the outcomes of the data that has been accessed and used (Health Catalysts, 2015).
According to WPRO, the integration of information systems in the health sector can be defined as, “the process of combining different components of health information systems so that they function in a more coordinated and unified manner” (Lum, Bennet & Whittaker, 2009). Information technology can be used to integrate and share the data in the health sector. The data integration can occur in different number of levels in the system of health information. These levels include: contents, data management, data quality assurance and analysis, organization support, data dissemination and sharing and donor inputs. The contents include the information or indicators while the data management involves the information technology use with a central repository. Quality of data assurance and analysis include the use of statistical and analytical techniques that are standardized. The organization support entails capacity building and training of the human resource. The sharing and dissemination of data is where there is the use of visual analytics. The donor inputs entail and not limited to, resource sharing.
The art of integration of data entails effort being put in place to link data elements that are independent. The different sources of data that have different types of data or media of storage are integrated to develop new information. This is made possible through the use of information technology in the health facilities. Data integration covers all data handling ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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