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Owing to the upcoming physician practice in Spring 2015, I have been tasked with ensuring that the new practice coheres with the HIPAA. My responsibilities include ensuring…
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HIPAA Compliance HIPAA Compliance It is the prime goal of every health facility and related projects to comply with the HIPAA regulations. Owing to the upcoming physician practice in Spring 2015, I have been tasked with ensuring that the new practice coheres with the HIPAA. My responsibilities include ensuring compliance with HIPAA and offering advice on the HIPAA security and policies. I also identified three critical HIPAA security policy requirements, which included confidentiality, availability and integrity of the stored data.
In order to ensure compliance, I would do a thorough research on HIPAA to set a head start for the operation of the HIPAA (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). Reading current newsletters and journals would be pivotal since it provides update information on the new trends. The research would also encompass investigating how various related companies or organizations employ the HIPAA rules and regulations (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). While at this, I will be keen on the strengths and weaknesses of these organizations to ensure that the new practice redress any errors. Besides, personnel in the organization must also be interviewed to know their perceptions or attitudes towards the new policy (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). I would also study how the organization has attempted to comply with the HIPAA. All these will provide a good head start. I will be able to strategize a plan for the application of the HIPAA.
Also, in order to ensure compliance, I would advise the physician about the security standards of HIPAA. They demand that they have the obligation of securing the patient electronic medical information (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). It should be done by using a series of procedures and mechanisms that aim at restoring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the information. That is to say, that the physician is accountable of the medical information about the patient. In a case of any irregularity, the physician will be held responsible (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). The new medical practice location should be in a place enough security that will provide ample protection for both the electronic media and other documents. The information here is the one that is collected, maintained, used and transmitted by the physician (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). The general practitioner must know that the more discrete the new practice is regarding the medical information of patients, the more trustworthy it will become. HIPAA controls the manner in which a physician can use and disclose the health information.
As mentioned above, HIPAA is a collection of security rules that aim at protecting the patient’s information. One of the essential HIPAA policy security requirements is confidentiality. HIPAA demands that patients information is kept confidential (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). The rule requires physicians not to disclose medical information about the patient unless otherwise (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). That is to say, adherence to the procedures and the law ensure that the information may be or may not be disclosed. The policy is important because it helps in building trust and confidence between the patient and the health facility.
The second vital policy requirement is data availability. The regulation seeks to ensure the availability of data when needed (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). According to HIPAA, it is the sole mandate of the medical facility to receive and store data properly. The data stored is crucial for future reference. Besides, the data can be used to justify transparency and accountability of the health facility. Access to data, whenever required, is only possible if the organization adheres to HIPAA regulations on security.
The third vital security requirement of HIPAA is the integrity of the stored medical information or data in the facility (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). HIPAA requires any health service to ensure that the stored patients information is not distorted, corrupted or changed without authorization (Luxton, Kayl & Mishkind, 2012). Information with an utmost integrity ensures that future treatments or consultations carried out by the patient are relevant. The policy is important because it eradicates incidents of transmission of wrong information.
In conclusion, ensuring proper standards and advising the physician are crucial for the compliance of the new medical practice with the HIPAA requirements. The three essential HIPAA security policy requirements are critical to the success of the new practice, which is only possible if the physician adheres to the HIPAA rules discussed in the paper.
Luxton, D. D., Kayl, R. A., & Mishkind, M. C. (2012). Health data security: the need for HIPAA-compliant standardization. Telemedicine and e-Health, 18(4), 284-288. Read More
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