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The positive and negative effects of technology requires measured and fragile effort to regulate this crucial period of transformation…
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Ethics in IT: Role of Government
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Ethics in IT Ethics in IT: Role of Government Technological growth has contributed to the loss of jobs in various organization, as a result of which it has led to widespread unemployment. The positive and negative effects of technology requires measured and fragile effort to regulate this crucial period of transformation. The government should provide unemployed adult citizens with an opportunity to do meaningful work at any wage (Nagamalai, 2011).
According to Nagamalai (2011), social and economic elements are associated with technology displacing human labor. First, in economic sense, the increasing unemployment have become a challenge of how the displaced workers support their families. Jobs are the main source of income, which increase their purchasing power and their ability to acquire all the economy produces. If the technology performs all the tasks, the economic system will be affected negatively. Secondly, if most people are displaced by technology, they may be affected psychologically and have stress because of stigmatization or due to the inability to understand the reality of unemployment. This may lead to the occurrence of conditions such as depression, suicide, and substance abuse. People should do different kinds of work in order to be productive.
There are counterarguments to the employment of elderly people. For instance, the government should not give the opportunity to the unemployed citizens because, if the elderly people are more affected by inevitable displacement, they have worked for many years, and they have already established.
In conclusion, government should provide a long-term unemployed citizens with an opportunity to do meaningful work at any wage to keep them out of poverty because most of the people are affected in their lives in various ways. Most get stressed and depressed when they are unable to provide for the family. These can lead to death because of diseases caused by stress. Some of the work that the government must provide to the people at any wage include taking care of elders, cleaning the environment and restoring infrastructures.
Nagamalai, E. R. (2011). Trends in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology. India: Springer Science & Business Media. Read More
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