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Theory of Deontological Ethics, Reconciliation of Cultural Differences - Assignment Example

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From the paper "Theory of Deontological Ethics, Reconciliation of Cultural Differences" it is clear that countries in the Middle East have their own values and standards that cater for their business, which mostly bounded by religious beliefs (Fisher and Lovell 2006)…
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Theory of Deontological Ethics, Reconciliation of Cultural Differences
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Extract of sample "Theory of Deontological Ethics, Reconciliation of Cultural Differences"

Download file to see previous pages The per capita income for South Carolina was low than average per capita income of U.S.A, and this company’s introduction was great news to them. Its establishment in this area would see a vast population benefiting from it through employment thus, boosting the county’s economy to another level that is better than the current one.
Despite the above-mentioned benefit, there are a number of obstacles that come along with this company’s establishment. Beaufort town is internationally famous for a variety of issues such as the famous Hilton Head resort. This hotel attracts many vacationers from all over the world who travel every year just to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. It is with this reason that the Management of Hilton Head got worried about the disaster that BASF as a chemical production company would cause to the environment that they depended much on for their livelihood. The existence of this chemical plant meant that air and water would be polluted because it had no plan for constructing its own dumping site or even recycling the waste products. This situation was disastrous for this resort because it would prevent millions of vacationers from traveling to this region.
It is true that this was a typical situation that had arrived in front of the department of Beaufort and the people of this county (Fisher and Lovell 2006. As a chemical plant, lots of employment would be available for the people of this town and its per capita income would also rise. But the issue of pollution needed to be sorted out in order for these two companies to trade fairly because the whole situation comes under the moral and ethics of business in an environment.
Many governments across the world have shown much concern on issues regarding environmental pollution. Apart from governments, NGOs are also taking part in the fight against environmental pollution which has consumed lives and interfered with the agricultural sectors. Pollution has contributed largely to global warming and other diseases to a human being; thus, resulting in preventative measures that can stop it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sustainable Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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