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They range from a lone workstation running a few associated applications to enormous amounts of distributed computing resources that interact globally (Shelly and Harry 2012). Systems analysis is the stepwise process concerned with…
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Download file to see previous pages He communicates so that he gathers information and communicates analysis findings. The analyst should stick to a professional code of ethics (Shelly and Harry 2012). In addition, he must be self-disciplined as well as self-motivated. The analyst can use the approaches to systems analysis and design (SDLC, CASE, and OOM); waterfall, agile methodologies. Another approach is the open source software, CASE tools (Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools offer automation of a variety of systems analysis processes.)
In an organization, systems are interrelated (have a common relationship) and interconnected (have an association or conjugation). There are different system types, and they apply at diverse Management levels: They can be grouped a systems pyramid. Some of them are: Transaction Processing Systems (TPS), Knowledge Work Systems (KWS), Office Automation Systems (OAS), Management Information Systems (MIS), Expert Systems (ES), Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Executive Support Systems (ESS) (Shelly and Harry 2012). ERP Systems helps the flow of information among the functional areas of the organization. Depicting systems graphically/diagrammatically can be done by use of; Context Level Data Flow Diagrams (CL DFD), Entity Relationship Diagram (E-R) and Use Case Diagrams/Use Case Scenarios. Special tools along with techniques assist the analyst make requirement determinations. Tools like data flow diagrams (DFDs) that chart the input, processes, output of the functions of the business, or sequence diagrams to illustrate the sequence of events, demonstrate systems in a structured and graphical form (Shelly and Harry 2012).
A project is a short-term endeavor done to create an exclusive product, service, or outcome. Their nature indicates that a project has a specific start and conclusion. Project management applies knowledge, tools, skills and techniques to project practices to meet the project requirements. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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