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As the members of disaster recovery team may not have the requisite experience for dealing with tasks that do not require their full attention all the time, it is essential to form a sub committee for handling such issues. This subcommittee comprises of members from different…
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Paraphrasing 5 answers
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Answers to Five Questions Q Explain the benefits of forming interdepartmental subcommittees for disaster recovery planning.
As the members of disaster recovery team may not have the requisite experience for dealing with tasks that do not require their full attention all the time, it is essential to form a sub committee for handling such issues. This subcommittee comprises of members from different departments. Hence, it is called interdepartmental subcommittee for disaster recovery planning. This committee usually handles the less frequent problems.
Q #2
. Explain how the central IT and network management functions can help departmental planning groups achieve their goals for disaster recovery planning
As disaster recovery planning group have varied set tasks to achieve, they require help from many management functions, within the organization to handle and complete these tasks. The main role is played by central IT and network management functions in this direction. These functions advise the recovery planning groups towards finding the cost of potential alternatives, which can be applied for disaster recovery planning. However, the major role of these functions remains helping the disaster recovery group in facing and overcoming the technological challenges on urgent basis. Some IT tools can help the recovery groups in permanent recovery measures. The functions also provide the necessary support towards documentation and technical support related to disaster recovery tasks.
Q #3
What factors influence the salaries of fulltime disaster recovery planners?
The factors that determine the staff salary of full time disaster recovery planning group include the required certification possessed by them, their experience and their work location.
Q #4
Explain why the budget structure for centralized offices of disaster recovery planning differs from that of part time coordinators.
Part time recovery coordinators have other responsibilities also, apart from working for disaster recovery planning. Hence, they may have their own office and telephone, computer facilities to carryout these jobs. Since their obligations are limited towards the disaster recovery-planning group, the budget for their working is different from the full time employees of the group. In addition, there are fewer overheads involved, when employing part time coordinators.
Q #5
What major activities should the planning team accomplish during Step one of disaster recovery planning?
Disaster recovery planning team must accomplish the following tasks during the first step of disaster recovery planning:
A leader must be identified, who can involve the philosophy of organization with regard to the disaster recovery planning.
One or more recovery coordinators will be required to manage the day-to-day affairs of the team, while coordinating for various tasks being conducted by the recovery group. These coordinators must have the requisite facilities for smooth working towards accomplishing the plan development tasks.
The disaster recovery planning team must be well organized and fully functional.
Different departments of the organization must identify the staff for working with the disaster recovery planning group.
Expertise and skill of each member of the planning group needs accurate assessment.
Training, required for successful operations, must be provided to every member of the group.
Whenever it is essential, an outside consultant may be selected, after proper identification.
Work schedule must be in place for the planning group, while activating a proper program for internal awareness.
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