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Risk Management involves the process through which an organization perceives and anticipates the risk or the potential of their activities to causing harm or loss. Risk management also includes monitoring an…
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Managing Organizational Risk
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Download file to see previous pages 7). There are many forms of risks in any organization today chief among them being the information security risks. The ever-growing number of technically well conversant users, as well as the easily available internet to most of the world population, today makes it increasingly riskier in this aspect. For this reason, the need to protect information and other related details has become one of the most important parts of organizations today. In response to these risks, a large number of organizations today have established various security plans and programs that facilitate the prevention and handling of a myriad of growing threats and intrusion activities. These programs have been phenomenal in protecting most organizations from potential vulnerabilities and threats. However, it is worth noting that these programs may not always be efficient in handling the respective risks, and thus more plans are continuously being added to reinforce the risk protection of the organizations today. In this light, many organizations are quickly adopting a method of developing their own Computer Incident Response Teams (CIRT) or even opting to outsource in this field. Simply put, a CIRT provides organizations with a well-structured and a clearly defined plan that deals with probable threats and incidents.
A CIRT is an organizational entity typically made up of several staff members that is tasked with the responsibility of providing management of incidents in an organization. The CIRT coordinates and supports incidence response by handling incident activities. The role of a typical CIRT plan in an organization include;
Disseminating information about the current attacks, threats and risks while also corresponding mitigation strategies through modes such as providing advisories, alerts and other technical publications.
The CIRT also maintains and stores ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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