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In the paper “Security Architecture & Design models” the author analyzes security of an information system, which is the assurance that an information system components are prevented from unauthorized entry, manipulation of data. Security safeguards against destruction of those systems components.  …
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Security Architecture & Design models
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Download file to see previous pages Coming up with the best security architecture requires the management of an organization to     perform a risk assessment and management process in order to come up with the best security model to secure the system. The risk assessment will identify the extent of the system if the system is large with interrelated components, the data locations and storage of the system. Determining if the system uses the Internet for functions like data transfer and identifying all the resources and hardware components being  utilized by the system. The risk assessment will identify the potential risks that a system can have or might face in the future.
 The management the is aiming to ensure information security should consider the following types of security architecture models. The security models are used to create several access control levels. The security models include access matrix, Bell-Lapadula, Lettice, information flow, Clark-Wilson, the state machine  and Biba. The security models contain the following components. Data classification model that facilitates wider sharing of information through ensuring that information have been given additional controls. The model classifies information into several categories like low, medium, high and unclassified. Data security model assist the users in making sure the information is secured in the appropriate manner. The security model creates several security categories for the processes, hardware devices, hard-drives and the various users of the information. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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