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Then answer the following questions. What are the benefits of building with Green Technology? Give reasons either for or against using “Green Technologies” for building new…
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What is Technology, Green Architecture and Green Electricity
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Define and explain the terms listed above and give concrete examples of each of green engineering. Then answer the following questions. What are the benefits of building with Green Technology? Give reasons either for or against using “Green Technologies” for building new structures.
Green technology is one of the most hottest trends that is emerging in the 21st century. Green technology is an amazing concept that allows corporations to achieve flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability. As a matter of Green technology is one of the most essential concepts that will continue to play a dramatic role in the modern century. The whole is undoubtedly a vital components for organization as it upholds security, embeds flexibility and allows corporations to implement a modern IT system. The problem that majority companies faced with the traditional IT infrastructure consists of several problems. One of the critical problems is the fact that it takes high energy costs. In addition, the traditional mainframe networks take too much space. Furthermore, the heat that is generated through these servers must be cooled. In fact, recent studies have found that organizations achieved on average an 18% reduction in their budget from green computing and a 16% reduction in data costs. Hence, green technology should be embraced by organizations because it is cost-effective, flexible, and provides safe process of security protocols.
As society progressed to 21st century, the criteria of defining and creating a feasible IT infrastructure continue to be a huge focal point for many companies. As mentioned above, many servers tend to create a huge problem with the traditional IT infrastructure. The problem with this idea is the fact that 90% of the time servers are not fully utilized. In order to combat this huge problem, the IT department attempts to install more applications. However, that is only a “band-aid” approach to a long-term problem. The result often times is the fact that that this solution is ineffective and unreliable. As the accumulation of factors such as: high energy costs, space issues, and generating heat become a huge issue, companies must seek a new and better solution that is available. Hence, Green technology is a cost-effective solution because it is a revolutionary.
Green architecture is highly crucial in 21st century because it allows architectures to create solid foundation of building at a micro level. The concept of nanotechnology has became a crucial aspect for creating architecture since it is a fairly new idea. New technology has allowed architects to implement science of self-cleaning window and toxin detector that is truly remarkable. If the government can encourage “green technology,” the possibilities are endless. It is evident that almost three hundred green products are sold in the market that are worth around $32 billion. Creating an environment in which eco-environment can thrive in results with entire buildings that are supported with synthetic coating that can be utilized for energy.
Undoubtedly, benefits of green technology are endless as they are an excellent channel for source reduction and sustainability. In order to accommodate the needs of society that continues to embrace innovative methods, Green technology has become a source of innovation and viability. The vision of green technology is to provide energy in an effective manner by utilizing the benefits of nanotechnology. As a current IT trend pending, many companies will depend on green technology in order to achieve a network that is fast, robust, intelligent, cost-efficient and secured. As with many technologies, companies are hesitant to embrace this idea. However, with proper knowledge and specialized training, companies can truly embed this unique aspect as part of their business model.
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