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In contrast to worm or virus, which spreads by itself, Trojan has disguise the user to make it run. It is mostly done through social engineering, i.e. they look innocent and attractive to make the…
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Microsoft Systems
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Forms of Attack on Microsoft Forms of Attack on Microsoft There are many threats, which poses security danger for Microsoft. A brief description of notable worms is provided in this paper.
Trojan horse: Trojan horse is a malicious program that befools the user to run it. In contrast to worm or virus, which spreads by itself, Trojan has disguise the user to make it run. It is mostly done through social engineering, i.e. they look innocent and attractive to make the user download and install by the user. After its successful installation it can reach and contrive personal data, can download other malware or can give a hacker access to user’s PC (Ghorbani, Lu, & Tavallaee, 2009).
Backdoor: It a software that gives malicious hacker access to user’s PC. It enables the hackers to take control of the system, and monitor them. A kind of backdoor Trojan is bot.
Denial of services: some malicious software blocks access to particular resources. In such case, attacker floods the network with more traffic that it cannot handle thus resulting in a temporary system crash.
Email Hacking: It is the prominent service used for professional as well as personal functions. Through the Internet, e-mail one can correspond to millions of people worldwide and spread threat widely which includes eavesdropping and intrusion attacks.
Social engineering: It is a form of attack by tricking people to reveal their security passwords and other information.
Robot/intermediary process: Sometimes malicious programs execute instructions that run on one computer and then trigger attacks on target computers.
Unprotected window share: Attacker uses such vulnerabilities to install tools and malicious software on the target computer. Unprotected window share renders the system highly vulnerable to the attackers.
Cross-site scripting: These are specific malicious code, which attacks web-based applications.
Packet sniffing: It is also a form of attack in which the attacker gathers all the network messages in a network to reach sensitive information like, such as passwords (Microsoft Securities, 2015).
Ghorbani, A. A., Lu, W., & Tavallaee, M. (2009). Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention: Concepts and Techniques: Volume 47 of Advances in Information Security. New York: Springer Science & Business Media.
Microsoft Securities. (2015, March 3). Microsoft Securities. Retrieved from Read More
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