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At the moment, when students in Oman finish high school, they lack information concerning the local university to join and the degree programs available for selection. There is a need to provide information about every education provider and the programs they offer. This calls…
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Proposal: To Develop Database Application
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Research proposal Foundation College Department Introduction Problem Definition: At the moment, when in Oman finish high school, they lack information concerning the local university to join and the degree programs available for selection. There is a need to provide information about every education provider and the programs they offer. This calls for the design of a database to make this process easy for the students and to speed up the use of this system.
The proposed provide precise information to simplify the decision-making course for post-secondary schooling for college students, high school students, and adult learners. It seeks to serve those in the educational environment to make informed decisions. Potential students in search of for college as well as university information for schools in Oman can find enrollment, tuition, type of university, locality based information with incorporated Google Maps and a range of rankings information to perceive how the colleges they considering measure up to others. With such a decisive choice in life; what university or college to attend, data integrity will be a critical component of the value to the website visitors.
The proposed project is a database to run the school and allow the administrators to record the everyday needed information for the potential students. The system will systematize the work in the school. It will carry out the following:
Insert information about the students like student name, address, number, etc
Insert information concerning programs in various colleges and universities.
View data concerning a given student or college, change it, add or eliminate the student or program.
Backend tools:
Oracle Portal 11g
Front end tools:
Windows XP Professional
Oracle forms and report version 10g
The database schema will contain dozens of tables. Each will have many columns of various data types. These applications (reports, forms, menus, etc.) will make the job of controlling data in the tables easier for users. The form will act as a window to the database schema. The forms will as well have the capability to query presented data in a table, alter existing data as well as add new data into the table. Modules/ entry or query forms/ reports to be designed include:
SQL*Plus; to create, retrieve and modify databases.
SQL*Forms; to input, retrieve and update data.
SQL*Report; Has a command language that will allow SQL along with formatting commands to be entrenched in text to generate reports, letters, etc.
SQL*Reportwriter; Will allow SQL to be embedded in the text to generate grouped together with break levels, mailing labels, multi-part reports, personalized letters and cross tabulations, etc.
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