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Describe some of the current development in AI(Artificial Intelligence) research. What are some of the main challenges could machine ever develop human-like rationality and/or consciousness - Essay Example

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The computer systems have various devices that enhance their performance based on the initial objective of the designer. In addition, Artificial Intelligence is systems…
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Describe some of the current development in AI(Artificial Intelligence) research. What are some of the main challenges could machine ever develop human-like rationality and/or consciousness
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Extract of sample "Describe some of the current development in AI(Artificial Intelligence) research. What are some of the main challenges could machine ever develop human-like rationality and/or consciousness"

Download file to see previous pages Most countries develop computer systems to promote efficiency in their military. The concept of artificial intelligent is crucial in enhancing the effectiveness of different aspects of the society (Biever, 2011). However, various leaders and people oppose the idea of integrating Artificial Intelligence in the production process because of its impact on the society. Additionally, religious leaders view it as means of replacing the contribution of humans to various aspects of the society. In addition, it is regarded as an initiative of promoting war in the world because most countries integrate Artificial Intelligence in a war setup (Celeste, 2011).
Regardless of the opposition from various factions of the society, scientists perceive Artificial Intelligence as technological milestone that promotes accuracy and precision in different activities in the society. The field of artificial intelligence attract the attention of various researchers worldwide because of the dynamic nature (Biever, 2011). In addition, more countries continue to enhance research on Artificial Intelligence at institutional levels. In this case, students and potential researchers acquire adequate training on various aspects of the Artificial Intelligence field (Yaser, 2013). On the other hand, researchers and scientists from different countries engage in intensive research on Artificial Intelligence.
The paper highlights on the current trends in the field of Artificial Intelligence in various parts of the world. The paper further highlights the challenges of research on Artificial Intelligences in research institutions, society and the government level.
Artificial Intelligence is among the biggest scientific breakthroughs of the twenty-first century. Countries in various parts of the world embrace the concept of Artificial Intelligence by promoting research in various institutions and research facilities. The benefits and dynamic aspects of the idea promote research initiatives by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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