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Moreover, Infrastructure as Service or (IaaS) or IaaS clouds often offer additional resources such as virtual machines, storage capacity, security and end-to-end logical network model.
The deployment of BPM in the cloud presents…
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UMUC Haircuts Stage 4
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Introduction Cloud computing is one of the most essential concepts that will continue to play a dramatic role in the modern century. Cloud computingis undoubtedly a vital components for organization as it upholds security, embeds flexibility and allows corporations to implement a modern IT system.
For instance, cloud services can be remotely hosted. In addition, they are ubiquitous, meaning Services or data are available from anywhere.
Research shows that cloud computing is beneficial to most companies because it is cost efficient, offers unlimited storage and is easy to maintain and upgrade.
Embedding SaaS
The recommendation for this organization is to embed many flavors of SaaS.
SaaS model: model of a cloud that delivesr a computing platform typically including operating system and programming language.
MVC framework is a prime example of this service. Moreover, Infrastructure as Service or (IaaS) or IaaS clouds often offer additional resources such as virtual machines, storage capacity, security and end-to-end logical network model.
Software as Service (SaaS) can be beneficial because of a software deployment where an application is hosted as a service. A great example of this is Salesforce 2.0 in the e-commerce realm.
Business case transformation
Traditionally, most BPM applications are limited to large multinational organizations.
The deployment of BPM in the cloud presents an opportunity to enable small and medium enterprise market (SME) to reach for BPM applications as they only pay for what they need due to the elasticity and scalability of cloud computing.
The integration of BPM and cloud computing enable enterprise with specific domain expertise such as legal services, healthcare, or financial services can benefit of the BPO market by selling their intellectual property (IP) through the development of PaaS applications.
Cloud based BPM gives clients the opportunity to trying and testing of BPM applications in the cloud. As a consequence, the deployment of business process solutions is de-risked especially for enterprise that still in the development phase of their business process solutions.
SDLC lifecyle
5 stages of SDLC consist of: plan, analyze, design, implementation, and maintenance.
In SoA, these are critical because one has to plan for the SaaS model rather than rely on the transformation of mainframe.
In the SaaS model, cloud providers deliver a computing platform typically including operating system and programming language.
MVC framework is a prime example of this service. Moreover, SaaS offers additional resources such as virtual machines, storage capacity, security and end-to-end logical network model. In the SoA model, the design would consist of one physical entity running many logical layers.
Organization must be ready to embrace this challenge because it allows IT to push new applications without managing them. However, this is just from the application standpoint. In the implementation stage, it is clear to deploy solutions and to ensure that all facets of deployment are smooth. Often in this stage, black box testing is conducted prior.
Duipmans, E. F., Pires, L. F., &da Silva Santos, L. O. B. (2012) Towards a BPM cloud architecture with data and activity distribution. In Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference Workshops (EDOCW), 2012 IEEE 16th International (pp. 165- 171). IEEE.
Duipmans, E. F. (2012). Business process management in the cloud with data and activity distribution.University of Twente.
Whibley, P. (2012). BPM in the Cloud-Transforming the Business Case for Process Improvement Read More
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