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It may contain any command that the interpreter accepts at the command prompt and they get interpreted one after the other. Windows…
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Windows Batch
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Windows Batch Background information In windows, a batch file is a script file that contains a series of commands that are interpreted with the use of the command line interpreter. It may contain any command that the interpreter accepts at the command prompt and they get interpreted one after the other. Windows batch is applicable in all the Windows versions such as XP, Vista and Windows 7.
It is a powerful tool for carrying out repetitive tasks, if you are creating volumes of files, you do not need much workforce to realize your goals.
Network and system administration is much easier for both individuals and organizations applying Windows batch in their respective administrative roles.
Development environment
Environment, gives an opportunity to store variables necessary for storing the most relevant information needed to execute a given task. An example for Windows batch environment, is prompt, this approach specifies how a user would see a command when given a prompt command. Notepad can be used, run through command prompt or DOS. Running codes, or codding using Notepad is one of the easiest method to run commands in Windows. Using notepad, gives a good experiment to the developer to focus on the most applicable ways of delivering the files in the most optimized way to the end user.
Language syntax
Data types
Variables and strings
Declaring variables
Are marked with % sign
@echo off
set var1=Hello
set var2=World
echo %var1% %var2%!
set var1=
set var2=

First command is @echo off
ECHO Hello World!
Start command is the next,
1 START helloworld.bat
If statements
) ELSE (
5 )
Loop statements
IF NOT CONDITION (goto endloop)
REM The above will skip the loop if the condition isnt met in the first place.  Remove if you want do...while
REM Insert commands...
REM If, after all commands are executed, the condition is still true, the loop will restart in the line below.  Otherwise, it will continue on.
IF CONDITION (goto loop)
Prompting for user input
set /p variable= [string]
"Variable" – it is the name of the variable that will be assigned to the data that you want the user to input.
"String" – it is the message that the user will see as a prompt.
Helpful websites
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Beginners Guides: Understanding and Creating Batch Files-
How to geek-
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Helpful Books
Mueller, John. Windows Command Line Administration Instant Reference. Indianapolis, Ind: Wiley, 2010. Internet resource.
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Work Cited
McFedries, Paul. Microsoft Windows Vista Unleashed. Indianapolis, Ind: Sams, 2008. Print. Read More
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