Static vs. Dynamic XML queries - Essay Example

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It may or not have a framework for making these changes. This type of document though, without the proper contextualization can change the content of the document to something very different from the original…
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Static vs. Dynamic XML queries
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Static vs. Dynamic XML queries A dynamic document is one that is continually edited and up d. It may or not have a framework for making these changes. This type of document though, without the proper contextualization can change the content of the document to something very different from the original document. A static document on the other hand does not allow changes to be made (BEHRENDS 2007). It is written in advance anticipating a particular process.
XQuery usually in the form of XML is a functional programming language as well as a query designed to query and change both structured and unstructured data for other data formats (GROPPE 2008). It enables data transfer from virtual or real documents in the wide world web to or from databases providing an interaction that is much needed.
A static XML query is concerned with the retrieval of information and updating the node contents. It does not involve any other changes to the structure of the document (OLTEANU 2004). A dynamic XML query not only retrieves information and updates the content of the document in question; it also inserts new nodes while at the same time deleting the existing nodes often resulting in a change in the document structure.
There has been a surge in the need for XML updates thanks to the growing preference for XML as a data exchange format. A labeling scheme supporting solely static XML queries is not enough for XML to become a general standard for data representation and exchange; a labeling scheme that effectively supports dynamic XML trees is also necessary (BEHRENDS 2007). However, dynamic queries are problematic and difficult to handle because they are require the updating of the labels of many nodes simultaneously with the updating of the original XML document to preserve the efficiency of the labeling scheme.
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Static Vs. Dynamic XML Queries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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