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Wireless communications networks - Essay Example

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Depending on the strength of the network machinery, the distance between both locations can be lengthy or short. Data moving from place to place without artificial conductors is…
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Wireless communications networks
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Download file to see previous pages In formal settings, the explosive growth of wireless networks arrived along with the proliferation of laptops and tablets, which proposes a promising future for wireless communication networks. The following paper discusses the use of wireless communications networks in formal settings such as offices.
First, wireless communications networks are economic to install in offices today (Zhu and Li, 2013). Advanced wireless communication networks have undergone numerous changes because of investments in research, competition, and recurred obsolescence. Unlike wired communications, wireless communications networks only need transmission, serving, and routing ports and stations. Wired networks need costly wires, labor for installing these cables through tight channels, buying identical socket faceplates, buying gear and physical solutions for cable maintenance or troubleshooting. With wired communications, offices have cable clutter connecting servers and desktops from cubical to cubical or from maintenance rooms to the roof of the building. Clutter can be dangerous for employees within a formal setting because it can trip a person or wear away and shock a user touching it with naked hands.
Secondly, wireless communications are safe. Wired communications networks that employ incredible 1,024-bit encodes will require an entire human generation to recover data that was destroyed. On the other hand, wireless communications employ 802.11x networking, which is a sufficient solution for an ordinary formal setting (Zhu and Li, 2013). Such networking rates today can replace wired communications networks in offices. As wireless communications continue to advance in terms of speed and coverage, wired communications networks will become obsolete soon. The function and architecture of wireless technologies involved in wireless communications determines the most suitable formal setting. For instance, an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Wireless Communications Networks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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