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These policies address specific parts of the firm: dynamic vulnerability analysis, intrusion detection, and incident response. It aims to develop the policies in these three spheres and…
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Construct an incident response plan
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Download file to see previous pages The metrics are further discussed in relation to what is to be measured in the policy, how it is to be measured and the kind of action to be performed with the information. This is to ensure that the policy is workable and makes sense in relation to the fact that the impacts can be quantified.
In the Information Technology, being a continuously developing field, there are risks that come with dynamic nature of the field. The exposure to such risks, if not secured, normally leads to loss of income in the sector. These risks involve hacking, using the website for adverts among others (Beale et al., 2003).In addition, the risks deserve some scrutiny so as to understand how to tackle them. The policy is supposed to ensure that the risks that lead to vulnerability are taken into consideration so that they can be mitigated or reduced to the minimal state possible.
Analysis of such risks will ensure that the firm does not experience unnecessary loses that could be controlled through the use of appropriate policies and institutional framework. The unsecured risks that include hacking are the major challenges experienced in the IT sector and, therefore, tackling it will be of a much relief to the firm. This will also make the firm outstanding in terms of competition since its products will not be able to be duplicated or pirated thus a fair competition (Johnson, 2013).
Addressing the unsecured risks will ensure that the IT firm gets its profit to the maximum thus eliminating issues like retrenchments and early retirement that are proposed by the firm due to low profits. The employees will also be able to work in an IT secured environment whereby their personal information and their unique work that come from their expertise cannot be leaked to the public without their consent. Their work also cannot be lost due to the deliberate introduction of computer viruses by the competitors (Easttom, 2013).
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