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Gait technology has been a prominent force that has been the driving force for signature recognition to drive security Many new improvements have been the catalyst to improve these programs (“Comparative study of different biometric features”).
Analyzing this, it is clear…
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Stengths and weaknesses of biometrics mechanis,s
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What are the strengths and weaknesses of each technology: Facial recognition Facial recognition is non-intrusive and fairly cheap technology. It is also utilized heavy technology known as Gait recognition is an emerging biometric technology (“Comparative study of different biometric features”).
Face recognition is not perfect and struggles to perform under certain conditions
Voice recognition
Speech is a very natural way to interact, and can be used not to distract when they’re busy.
Speech recognition systems sometimes make errors. If there is interference, it disrupts signals. 
Signature recognition
Little time of verification can cause authentication problem.
Signature verification is based on super accurate traits and little discrepancies fails authentication.
Ability to prove crimes and key in forensic. DNA has been very standardized, which allows many organizations to utilize it heavily.
It impossible that the system made mistakes as proved in crimes
Retinal scanning
There is no known way to replicate a retina scanning, which makes it the safest bet (“Comparative study of different biometric features”)
Latency can take away 10 seconds which is very difficult.
Moreover, the database can create many records which can be cumbersome to maintain.
Iris recognition
Highly accuracy.
Verification time is generally latent than 5 seconds
The eye from a dead person would diminish, which poses problem for organic matter. 
Accessible for identifying
Used heavily in biometric and used for PC user authentication technique
People with disabilities such as arthritis will have a hard time.
Hand Geometry
Easy integration and access
It can make mistakes because of debris, which can cause errors.
Gait technology
Gait technology has been a prominent force that has been the driving force for signature recognition to drive security Many new improvements have been the catalyst to improve these programs (“Comparative study of different biometric features”).
Gait technology will never be the same as biometrics because it is not using personal characteristics.
What are the goodness and weakness about the current technology?"
Analyzing this, it is clear that each technology brings a strength and weakness. For instance, the password method is the cheapest technology but is the most vulnerable. The article goes in depth about each of the technologies, matching the advantages and disadvantages that has been the focal point of discussion. Facial recognition is one of the best technologies but fails perform perfectly (“Biometric technologies). Voice recognition on the other hand has facilitated hands-free technology but is easily disrupted by additional sounds. Retinal and Iris recognition are one of the safest technologies but can be latent due to database searching. DNA is also a great feature that has solved crimes in this generation. The problem with DNA is that again it takes a long time and has a sample size in erroneous rate (“Biometric technologies”). Fingerprint has been a dominant technology for years as it is used for identification. The problem with this is the fact that individuals that are disabled cannot use that technology. Hand geometry, similar to its predecessor of finger ID has been a solid technology for integration as well, but layers of debris can play in some role of giving erroneous results. Gait technology has been a prominent force that has been the driving force for signature recognition to drive security in which police officials use radar gun, but can never be accurate.
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