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Spiceworks is free for beginners, which should allow the company to save on a network review. Secondly, Spiceworks allows me to scan Badger Tools Inc.’s network,…
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U5 Case
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U5 Case U5 Case I would use Spiceworks to review Badger Tools Inc.’s network because of its economic and non-intrusive features. Spiceworks is free for beginners, which should allow the company to save on a network review. Secondly, Spiceworks allows me to scan Badger Tools Inc.’s network, which is helpful if both Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista Enterprise are available through SSH (secure shell), the company’s printers, and stations (Rux, 2012). Spiceworks is also a utility with an integral emphasis on community to solve issues quickly. With a properly laid out mobile application, Spiceworks should let me see inhibitors in the clients’ desktops.
A second utility is NPM (Orion Network Performance Monitor), a network management solution suitable for company networks. I would use NPM after Spiceworks to get an in-depth view of Badger Tools Inc.’s network problems and setbacks brought about by updating manually. NPM should provide me with a detailed list of hosted VMs within the network, as well as an outline of the server’s physical and virtual conditions (Rux, 2012). I can run NPM while offline and online to get a spatial idea of the full potential of the network.
The first recommendation is connecting the servers and updating while online. An online update should provide new data and program components essential to the clients’ desktops, data, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Vista Enterprise. Secondly, Badger Tools Inc. should install Hotfix in Windows Vista Enterprise as a solution to GPU-oriented programs ran by the clients’ desktops. Lastly, the company can make all its servers ECN supportive. This means Badger Tools Inc. should enable the routers that experience high traffic to mark loads so that peers who get these loads can decrease their speeds of transmission (Rux, 2012).
Rux, E. B. (2012). Comparative Review: Network Management Tools. Windows IT Pro. Retrieved from management-tools Read More
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U5 Case Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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