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This essay talks about the advantages and disadvantages of input and output computer devices which enable a user to control the computer and enter data, can also be used to start and stop programs or can be used n particular fields like retailing shops, banking or in computer-aided design…
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Inputs and Outputs Devices
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Task Inputs and Outputs Computer inputs involve the introduction of something into the computer. This includes input devices, which enable a user to control the computer and enter data. They can also be used to start and stop programs. Other than the usual input devices like the key board and mouse, their some input devices that are specially designed for use in particular fields like retailing shops, banking or in computer aided design. For example text can be entered using a scanner and using Optical Character Recognition (Wolf 35).
Pointing devices are also used to control the computer but are generally less useful for entering texts. The pointing devices include the mouse, touch pad and trackball. Images can be acquired using digital cameras and scanners while multimedia devices capture audio and video signals. They can be classified according to the modality of the input, and whether the input device is continuous or discrete.
Advantages of input devices
1. They are easy to operate to the users
2. Staff with minimal training can use them
3. They are used for entertainment
4. They are interactive. This is brought out the web-cams which add a video element when communicating
1. The main disadvantage is that input devices are expensive to buy and even to maintain.
2. Some require trained staff to handle and operate.
Computer output entails any type of information that is being provided by the computer after processing. An output device is a hardware piece that is used to display or output data which has been processed or has been stored on the computer. Examples of output devices are: speakers, speech synthesizers, plotters, printers, and the Visual Display Unit.
Once information has been feed to the computer, it is in electronic form. This information is in a form that can only be handled and understood by the computer, and not by human beings. The information will therefore need to be converted into a form that is understood by a user. This is mostly done in two ways:
1. By printing out the information
2. By displaying the information on the visual Display Unit (VDU)
If a user is using a machine with multimedia, he or she can have sound as an output. In this case, the sound is emitted through the speakers. These are all benefits and roles of having output devices connected to one’s computer.
A peripheral device is defined as that which can be attached to a computer to increase the its functionality. Thus, one can connect a modem or scanner to the computer system. These devices are used in conjunction with the output devices.
The output devices are used regularly by students to do their projects and assignments, and they also help to perform basic logical and arithmetic operations. The main disadvantage is that they are expensive to buy and maintain and they also require skilled personnel to operate them.
Work Cited
Wolf, Marilyn. Computers as Components: Principles of Embedded Computing System Design. Amsterdam: Elsevier/Morgan Kaufmann, 2008. Print. Read More
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Inputs and Outputs Devices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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