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Individual, business, and government applications have multiplied on the internet. This development has an immediate benefit to the users. However, these internet-based services and applications sometimes…
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Network security infrastructure
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NETWORK SECURITY INFRASTRUCTURE By: Network Security Infrastructure Recently, theuse of the Internet has continued to grow exponentially. Individual, business, and government applications have multiplied on the internet. This development has an immediate benefit to the users. However, these internet-based services and applications sometimes pose security threats to the internet users. Information is a delicate asset that must be properly protected. Without proper network security measures, many individual, government agencies and business enterprises risk losing their data.
Network security is basically a process by whbyich digital data assets are protected. On the other hand, Internet Security Infrastructure is the arrangement of components and tools, in a bid to offer the most effective internet protection. Before one settles on a particular plan to use, it is of the essence to clearly state the objectives of the plan.
In my case, the following, are the key goals I wanted to achieve through my plan:
a. Preventing Intrusions
b. Ensuring Network Availability
c. Controlling Data / Network Access
d. Protecting information in Transit
e. Responding to Incidences
I, as a result, had to carefully select a plan that would enable me achieve the above goals at the lowest cost possible. My plan includes firewall, web contents, protection against web pharming, and phishing.
The figure below shows the basic arrangement of the infrastructure chosen.
The following are the significant components and their functions:
a. Firewall
A firewall is a choke-point garget that consists of a set of rules and instructions specifying the type of data to allow in or out of the system. It basically controls the flow of data into and out of the system. There several types of firewalls in the market. In this case, I chose on Zone-Alarm based on its outstanding features and performance. Zone-Alarm is a multi-purpose firewall. It is capable performing several functions simultaneously. Such functions include protecting the system against internet exposure, protecting the system against web pharming and phishing. The firewall is programmed so as to prevent any malicious emails from getting into the mail server. The use of this type is very economical, in that it forms several functions at ago, hence saves on cost.
b. AAA server
This is a server program that is responsible for handling the end-user requests to access the system. AAA server gives authorization, authorization, and accounting services. It is at this station where the users request to access the system is either accepted or rejected.
c. Border Routers
Routers are referred to as traffic cops of a network system. Their function is to direct traffic into and out of the system. They also direct traffic within the network system. The process decision of a router is normally contained in a routing table. The routers are programmed so as to prevent the possible routing threats such as complete network chaos, dropped traffic, and traffic sent along invalid paths. The diagram below shows internet routers in action.
d. Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
VPNs are defined as protected network sessions created across unprotected channels such as the internet. Often, VPN are referenced based on the devices on the security perimeter that makes the encrypted sessions, such as Cisco -VPN Concentrator. A VPN allows an outsider to participate in the internal networks as if connected to them.
It can be concluded that when designing a Network Security Infrastructure, factors such as functionally of the system, costs and ease of use of the system should be put into consideration. However, it is also important to note that the cost should not be the key consideration as this may compromise on the efficiency of the system. The plan chosen depends on the type of company. Different companies require different Internet Security Infrastructures
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