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That is, a browser-based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft. It allows groups to set up a centralized, password protected space for document sharing (Dux, 2006). As a…
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Mircosoft Share Point
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Microsoft SharePoint [School’s Microsoft SharePoint SharePoint is a business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the web. That is, a browser-based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft. It allows groups to set up a centralized, password protected space for document sharing (Dux, 2006). As a business expands beyond the point where all employees work in a nearby office, it becomes difficult to keep everyone updated. SharePoint curves out a nook in the internet where everyone can stay in touch virtually. Pages and information can be arranged by department and role (Junk, 2013). Thus SharePoint is not a program but a platform for different types of programs. It a back-end system that ties all employees Personal Computers (PCs), allowing them to synchronize their effort through integrated communication system.
SharePoint has tools such as adobe Photoshop, patternry, Javascript kit, Balsamiq and CrossBowser Testing that aids designers in customizing the interface as required. It has also Business Management Process (BPM) capabilities. It has functionalities such as visual indicators, the associate items and smart actions. Visual indicators such color coded status and icons are configurable and able to make dramatic impact on dashboard. Identification of important projects without sifting through a myriad of texts where isn’t immediately clear which projects are on track and falling behind is made possible by this functionality (Cooper, 2014).
The associate Items functionality enables association of parent and child lists to create a many-to-one list. For instance, a parent project may be associated to multiple invoices that would be defined in a list (Junk, 2013). This is the same way data is modeled in data base.
‘Smart Actions’ provide workflow functionality connected to lists. This allows work triggers to be carried out based on laid down criteria. Using the custom functionality with interface options allows for a comprehensive tool to be built modeling anything from project tracking to training management product testing (Cooper, 2014). Besides, SharePoint has email and printing templates which allows for polished communication and reports containing the data collected by the business’ custom created tools.
SharePoint User Interface (UI) enhances control hence creating effectiveness. Managers are provided with extensive set of tools by the interface to enforce procedures and record management. Besides, simple UI enhances visibility. Team members benefit by not only getting see the reasoning behind each step but also can ask for help from management team if something is confusing (Krebs, 2009) . Additionally, user-friendly, Design Benefits all. It is easy to master by all team members and maneuver through. SharePoint UI is a superior solution that enhances productivity and conformity amongst staff due to extensive number of tools and services such as social media platforms and individual web construction.
Though SharePoint UI is somehow simple, it still poses confusion to some users (Dux, 2006) thus there should be more simplification on the interface. The goal should be creation of useful and recognizable to everyone in the organization as opposed to one that leads to more confusion for end users. This will enhance ease accompanied with using. Additionally, SharePoint UI has a lot of customization features and functionality (Junk, 2013). This also presents a problem during upgrading process. Thus there is need to reduce the number of customizable features to prevent problems encountered during upgrading process.
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