Literature Review: Cognitive Psychology Sociology Impact - Book Report/Review Example

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The smartphone technology is one of the rapidly evolving technologies that greatly influence the consumer behaviour including the marketing, the daily lifestyle, and business and communication activities. The smartphone technology is an advanced mobile phone technology that…
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Literature Review: Cognitive Psychology Sociology Impact
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Download file to see previous pages They are designed and developed to offer great user experienced. They have a full touch screen with well-designed interfaces.
It is this functionalities and the design that determine the user acceptance of the technology. This is a critical factor in determining the success of the technology in today’s environment of rapidly changing technology. Hence, identifying and understanding the key factors that influence the acceptance of the technology is a key factor all stakeholders.
This paper provides a review of selected body of literature on the subjected related to processes, the adoption and the use of Smartphone technology and its application in the different sectors of the economy. The paper additionally, explores how these subjects were studied, and the methodology that was used in the study.
The paper focuses mainly on three peer reviewed articles that talk about the smartphone technology, its adoption and the Information Technology (IT) adoption theories. The paper provides a summary of what each article talks about regarding smartphone technology. It also provides a discussion that relates the three articles to the field of Human and Computer Interaction (HCI) and a conclusion about what can be learnt from the literature review.
In the search for the peer reviewed articles for this literature review, it was evident that most of the applications of the smartphones are mainly in the health sector. Therefore, most of the articles are on the health sector and how the technology is used or accepted in the health sector.
The main objective of this article was to provide a comprehensive insight on the role of the smartphone technology in the medicine field. This is achieved by highlighting the specific roles particularly in medical education, communication and patient care (Ozdalga & Ahuja, 2012).
In order to achieve this objective the authors of this article used different ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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