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Knowledge management and knowledge engineering - Assignment Example

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In the research paper “Knowledge management and knowledge engineering” the author discusses two different fields concerned with knowledge. Knowledge management revolves around the execution, administration and supervision of knowledge…
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Knowledge management and knowledge engineering
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Download file to see previous pages I know these topics because I have interacted with them and understand their characteristics or aspects. The topics I have information about are a company’s annual report, the weather of my location, the weather of another location and the content of a television news program. These topics only present data that has been contextualized. The primary characteristic that distinguishes knowledge and information is my interaction with a situation. Situations in which I interact with a topic and confirm the available information lead to the creation of knowledge about the topic. Situations in which I have contextualized data are informing situations. The series of readings can be transferred into knowledge through the processing and contextualization of the readings. The readings are processed according to the weather. The processed data is then contextualized to information. The information is compared or related to previous information in order to confirm the likely weather event. Activities in knowledge acquisition should be extraction, structuring and organization of knowledge from a source. Knowledge validation should involve the monitoring of a database in order to ensure that previous data is adequate and reliable. Knowledge representation should involve the representation of data into a form that is understandable. Inference should involve the derivation of conclusions based on premises that are assumed true. People affiliated to knowledge management conduct the studies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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