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To use mobile application health to help or support disability patients in Saudi Arabia. Or how to use technology to help or support disability patients in saudi arabia - Research Proposal Example

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In the near past, TTY made it possible for people with hearing problems to have typed communications over a traditional phone line. This invention gave rise to the modern mobile technology. Wireless…
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Proposal to use mobile application health to help or support disability patients in Saudi Arabia. Or how to use technology to help or support disability patients in saudi arabia
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Extract of sample "To use mobile application health to help or support disability patients in Saudi Arabia. Or how to use technology to help or support disability patients in saudi arabia"

Download file to see previous pages 89). These developments on the other hand require government interventions so as to be legally implemented and supported.
Trying to determine how many people are disabled can be difficult because it is problematic to determine the level of disability as the means of data collection and the definition varies from country to country. Disability is a key problem for the Saudi Arabian healthcare area. Information concerning the cases and frequency of impairment, disability, and socio-demographic features of persons with disabilities are rare and inadequate since the real weight of disability is also mis-calculated. Guidelines and regulations have reinforced the equivalent privileges and rights of disabled individuals, but fruitless application of these regulations has resulted to a gap amongst the proposed goals and the real services provision. Evidently, more examination is required to plot for applicable management platforms, effective employment of basic inhibition strategies, and correct distribution of health facilities in this region. There are applications that have been made to carter for people with disabilities, for instance, Prologue2Go, which is a text-to-speech application that helps people with speech disabilities. Enabling disabled people to download applications to smartphones or tablet PCs means having smaller and convenient equipment to store much of what you require than having many pieces of a stand-alone-equipment (Mitchell, 2012, p. 9). This makes it more effective, efficient and, cheaper for people with disabilities to perform various tasks. Mobile technology can also help to remove the stigma in these challenged persons. Before the introduction of smart phones, disabled persons used a lot of instruments to help them in seeing. To achieve this, they needed to carry a magnifier, a money recognition device and a screen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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