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There are links to the various programs falling under this department. The links include CIS-Health Informatics, computer network operations, computer programming, computer simulation, computer…
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Internet Skills Checklist due: Step 4 The following information is found under my program, computer information technology. There are links to the various programs falling under this department. The links include CIS-Health Informatics, computer network operations, computer programming, computer simulation, computer specialist and computer information systems. The page also shows the whole department, clearly outlining the coursework provided by the department; which is a two-year associate of applied science degree programs, designed for preparation of students for jobs in the various fields of computer technology. The page also provides information about the career path certificates for those who may want to specialize. On the page is other information relating to service courses such as computer software tools and computer programming tools (Lane, 1996).
In case a student needs financial aid, he or she can visit the Student Resource Center (SRC), located on the second floor of Building 1, Room 206. The SRC personnel helps students in solving non-academic matters while in the campus or the community.
Under life and family, there is support for a wide range of information. The information provided include childcare, where families of the students can enroll their children in child care. Counseling guides students on academic, career and personal needs. Disability resources announcing the resources available for students with special needs. Health clinic provides information on healthcare for students. Housing & Titan Court, advising students on the best and affordable houses they can rent. Multi-cultural center gives information on where students can get best hospitality services. Other information under current students’ resources include employment, transportation, veteran’s services and women’s center (Lane, 1996).
Academic advising department provides each student with program advising team. Electronic advisory services such as Moodle. The electronic resources help the students research and discover answers to a wide range of academic and career questions (Lane, 1996).
Step 5
Step 6
a) The information on this page is varied, though all related to the University of Oregon. It provides links to the various section of the university. For instance, there is information on job openings, maps detailing directions to the University, the office of admissions, blackboard, academics and events calendar. The page also provides links to some institutes of the university like the Institute on violence and destructive behavior.
b) The URL opens a webpage containing information about the City of Springfield Oregon. It provides links to jobs, police department, contact us, the local history, city council, emergency management plan, fire and life safety. The links are meant to provide more information about the city.
c) The information contained here pertains to Eugene, a government resource providing valuable information to business persons, visitors and residents. For instance, the menu department provides information on central services, planning and development, police, fire and emergency medical services. The menu on government provides information about agenda and minutes, elections, boards and commissions, mayor and city council, and the city code.
d) The camera shows a camera image of Central Yreka. The image is updated at hourly intervals from 6am to 6pm, showing the situation on the roads.
e) The monster website provides security measures in the job search. They include job title, keywords, and location. In addition, security is enhanced by including login details. The password is personal and therefore the user can only access his or her account (Oregon,n.d).
Step 7
1. Topic searched citation guides and easybib.
2. The search produced ten results.
3. The information was useful. It produced different definitions of the topic searched, giving a wide range of understanding.
Step 8
The three factors, to consider when buying a laptop, are: Battery life which should be long enough. The second aspect would be the warranty or what is known as the protection plan. The user should understand what the plan covers and what it doesn’t. The third aspect, to consider, would be the weight of the laptop. It needs to be light for easy carrying to and from school.
Step 9
The item for sale is a computer. It is priced at $195. It is described as a clean, 15” Macbook Pro 2.4ghz i5 (Craigsland, n.d).
Craigsland, P. (n.d.). Portland computers - craigslist. Retrieved January 17, 2015, from
Counseling Department. (1996, January 1). Retrieved January 17, 2015, from
Lane, C. (1996). Computer Information Technology. Retrieved January 17, 2015, from
Oregon, U. (n.d.). Front Page. Retrieved January 17, 2015, from Read More
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