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Group policy is a feature that is found in the Microsoft Windows NT operating systems to enhance the working environment of various user accounts and their systems’ accounts. Organizations can benefit from group policy in various ways:
Ensures that there is ease of management…
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Group Policy
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Group Policy Question one Group policy is a feature that is found in the Microsoft Windows NT operating systems to enhance the working environment of various user accounts and their systems’ accounts. Organizations can benefit from group policy in various ways:
Ensures that there is ease of management in the organization: it becomes easy to manage a network when the users are connected through a given group policy. For instance, in the event that the employees in an organization are using various websites, which are costly for the organization, the organization can come up with policies to restrict access to such websites.
Security: due to the various security breaches evident, it is important to use the group policy to curb that. For instance, an organization can experience security breach due to the employees using very weak passwords. With the group policy, it is easy for an organization to set certain requirements for the users to follow when setting passwords.
Cost and time: it enables installation or upgrading of software from one location and ensures that every machine is serviced simultaneously (Moskowitz, Hicks, & Burchill, 2013). Moreover, it is also possible to conduct the upgrade outside the business hours to avoid disruption of the work schedule.
Moskowitz, J., Hicks, J., & Burchill, A. (2013). Group policy . Chichester: John Wiley and Sons.
Question two
There are various potential pitfalls. One, because the SQL server is configured for windows authentication only, it becomes difficult to manage data in all the other relational databases. Moreover, the database can only be accessed from within the local area network. Beyond that, it becomes inaccessible. Lack of firewalls between the servers and the applications of the client becomes difficult to get into the client’s database and gather the additional information required. The types of data elements that will be difficult to capture are the compound data elements. These are data elements consisting of three field’s control, component count field together with the total length of the required data elements. The reason is due to lack of firewall between the server and the applications of the clients. It is able to establish a boundary between a trusted and un-trusted network (Moraes, 2011). Thus, the user is not restricted by any set of rules applicable and can therefore conceal the compound data elements in such a way that it becomes difficult for them to be found.
Moraes, A. M. (2011). Cisco Firewalls. New York: Cisco Press.
Question three
The main considerations include enhancing security. Among the 120 end users, there can be some using some practices that can lead to breach of security for the organization. This can be quite costly since the organization can lose the confidentiality of its data in the process. Thus, enhancing security would be the first consideration by coming up with a set of guidelines which the users have to follow in the process of using the computer systems. Moreover, other users use the organizational systems for their own personal gain. This, as a result, adds into the cost of the organization (Stanek, 2009). While implementing the group policy, I would ensure that all the users follow the required guidelines on website restrictions. That is in regard to what websites that they are restricted to open.
Stanek, W. R. (2009). Windows® Group Policy Administrators Pocket Consultant. New York: OReilly Media, Inc. Read More
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