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Group policy is one of the characteristics of Windows operating system which enables the user to control the work domain of computer accounts (, 2015). This feature is used to centralize the management of operating system, applications and user settings in…
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U5 Research Project
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An overview to Group policies and GPO, and comparison to Encrypting File System (EFS) and BitLocker drive encryption Institute Group Policyand GPO
Group policy is one of the characteristics of Windows operating system which enables the user to control the work domain of computer accounts (, 2015). This feature is used to centralize the management of operating system, applications and user settings in an active directory environment, making it easier to manage the policies and authorities for different users in a work domain. In Windows, all the settings that define and govern the behavior for a particular group are altogether known as group policy object (GPO) (, 2015).
The GPO corresponds to active directory containers. The GPO defines registry based polices, security options, software installation and maintenance options, scripts options, and folder redirection options. It provides the facilities to maintain access barriers to different configurations of users and windows (, 2015). Windows policy editor is a tool that enables a user to edit group policies and is also a helpful learning tool.
Encrypting File System (EFS) compared with BitLocker Drive Encryption
There are various differences between encrypting file system (EFS) and BitLocker drive encryption. Both services are used to encrypt your files. EFS is more specific than BitLocker. EFS is commonly used to encrypt particular files or folders in a drive whereas, BitLocker encrypts the whole drive; system drives, fixed drives and removable drives (, 2015). BitLocker is independent of user accounts it is either on or off for all drives but EFS provides the individual rights to users (, 2015). Moreover, BitLocker needs administrator rights. On other hand, EFS does not require administrator privileges in order to be used (, 2015). BitLocker also uses a special microchip, trusted platform module (TPM) that underpins the advance security to your operating system.
References,. (2015). Group Policy. Retrieved 5 January 2015, from,. (2015). Whats the difference between BitLocker Drive Encryption and Encrypting File System?. Retrieved 5 January 2015, from Read More
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U5 Research Project Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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