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This risk results in a range of improper or undesired activities like identification, positioning, tracking, corresponding, and disclosure of associated information (DeNoia…
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Mitigating RFID issues
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The preliminary security risk is that unauthorized users will always attempt to capture RFID tags data. This risk results in a range of improper or undesired activities like identification, positioning, tracking, corresponding, and disclosure of associated information (DeNoia and Olsen, 2009, p. 213). I plan to minimize limitations and security issues for 1st and 2nd generation RFID tags through several measures based on these activities.
i. I will reduce the distance between RFID tags and authorized users to lower the possibility of unauthorized users eavesdropping on exchanged communications (DeNoia and Olsen, 2009, p. 213). This measure also helps discern unauthorized from authorized users.
ii. I will apply shielding in the form of a Faraday cage used explicitly around generation 1 and2 RFID tags or in a constrained environment wherein users can trade information using the tags (CoreRFID, 2009).
iii. I plan to ensure the destruction of an RFID tag after serving its core purpose to prevent unauthorized users from abusing its user abilities and extract data from recorded communications (DeNoia and Olsen, 2009, p. 213).
iv. Concealing coding for communication between RFID tags and users can interrupt an unauthorized user’s attempts to extract data from exchanges between 1st and 2nd generation RFID tags
v. Encoding information stored on RFID tags or exchanged between a tag and its authorized user can inhibit unauthorized users from mining information from it (CoreRFID, 2009).
vi. I plan to introduce noise into the using environment to lower the possibility of an unauthorized user differentiating the communications of a specific tag with its authorized user (DeNoia and Olsen, 2009, p. 213).
vii. I will employ authentication mechanisms that identify only authorized users with the use of easy passwords created using refined multi-factor methods (CoreRFID, 2009).
CoreRFID 2009, RFID & Privacy, CoreRFID, viewed 11 January 2015,
DeNoia, LA and Olsen, AL 2009, ‘RFID and Application Security,’ Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology, Vol. 41, No. 3, pp. 209-21. Read More
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Mitigating RFID Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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