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A sound reference model in an enterprise network management system is vital. First, the reference model will help in fault…
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Week 3
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Reference Models Assignment An enterprise network management system is critical to the smooth running of an organization by ensuring that all services run well on the network. A sound reference model in an enterprise network management system is vital. First, the reference model will help in fault management where abnormal behavior of the network will be detected and corrected early enough. This will ensure minimum or no interruption of network services in an enterprise. Secondly, a sound reference model will help the enterprise account for the use of the network resources (Nuangjamnong, et al, 2008). In a large enterprise, tracking the use of these resources helps in the effective allocation of costs as per the departments. In the end, an organization is able to understand how its network resources are used and how they are paid for. Thirdly, a good reference model plays an important role in the configuration management. This mainly involves understanding the configurations of the devices and network (Nuangjamnong, et al, 2008). This is helpful when adding new components onto the network or when distributing resources to increase capacity. For an enterprise, proper configuration management promotes effective use of the network in undertaking business activities.
Forth, the reference model will help in promoting security management. Specifically, the reference model helps in the authentication and authorization processes, thereby controlling who accesses the network. In addition, the reference model plays a role on protecting the security and integrity of the data on the network (Nuangjamnong, et al, 2008). This is important for most enterprises because loss of data or breach of security could have devastating effects to the operations. Finally, having a good reference model ensures that the network management system effectively monitors performance of the network. The organization is thus able to satisfy the needs of all the users with minimum failures and interruptions. Enterprises need to have all the relevant units served effectively in order to enhance the operations within the organization.
Nuangjamnong, C. , Maj, S. P., & Veal, D. R. (2008). The OSI Network Management Model - Capacity and performance management . Proceedings of 4th IEEE International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology . ICMIT 2008. (pp. 1266- 1270). Bangkok, Thailand. IEEE. Read More
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Week 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 3.
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