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In the paper “Information System Development” the author analyzes various stages of the information system development. The first stage is the conduction of preliminary investigation. This is the performance of a feasibility study to identify the viability of a project…
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Information System Development
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Information System Development
The information system development has various stages. The first stage is the conduction of preliminary investigation. This is the performance of a feasibility study to identify the viability of a project. The second stage is system analysis, which involves data collection, data analysis, and documentation. The third stage is system design, which specifies the functions and operations of the new system. The fourth stage is system acquisition, where an organization purchases the necessary components of the system. The fifth stage is system implementation, where the responsible personnel installs and tests the new system to make it operational (Papadopoulos, 2008). The final stage is system maintenance, where there are regular adjustments to maintain its operational status until the system’s life elapses.
The approaches to system development have their differences. The System Development Life Cycle uses stages of system development, and therefore requires a lot of time to implement. The other approach is prototyping, which involves the creation of an experimental model in a quicker and cheaper manner. The other approach is use of packages, where an organization purchases fully developed programs. The other approach is the End-user development, where an organization builds a system with less technical assistance, using the end-users. Finally, outsourcing is the other approach, where an organization uses external vendors for the development and operation of its information system (Davies, 2011).
In the conception activities of system development, there is the creation of a feasibility report and formulation of recommendations regarding a system. System analysis involves data collection, analysis, and documentation. For instance, the data collection occurs through interviews or observations, for the determination and documentation of a system’s requirements. The system design involves the development of models, for instance, it describes data and its flow.
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