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An information system is a combination of software, hardware, processes, data and people with the aim of producing information that is used in different organizations in a daily basis. A good information system generates accurate and relevant information that suits the need of…
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Information Systems Concepts Info331
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INFORMATION SYSTEMS CONCEPTS INFO331 An information system is a combination of software, hardware, processes, data and people with the aim of producing information that is used in different organizations in a daily basis. A good information system generates accurate and relevant information that suits the need of its users, generates reliable and sufficiently complete information that instills confidence in the users, provides detailed communication or target and purpose to its users and demonstrates timelessness as far as organizational data is concerned.
The website defines a computer based information system as a system of software and hardware solutions that offer quality technological services. On the other hand, the website defines Microsoft word application as a program that helps computer users to write. As such, a computer based information system can be defines as a network of either software or hardware that manipulates a wide range of information and data by collecting, filtering and processing it so that it makes sense to the end user. An application can be defines as a program that enables computer users perform their daily tasks on the computer such as typing, organization or data, publishing among other tasks. An application is embedded inside the system software which implies that an application requires information system in order to run (Shelly, Cashman & Vermaat, 2000).
The information system I use in my work and in your day-to-day life is office information system. This is because it facilitates easy progress of my work flow through program such as Microsoft office word, excel, spreadsheet and publisher. Some of the characteristics of office information system is increased efficiency, reliability and the ability to support a wide variety of office activities such as work processing, web browsers, presentation graphics, databases and spreadsheets.
I choose office information system as a topic for my Analysis Essays this semester.
Shelly, Cashman & Vermaat (2000). Discovering Computers– Concepts for a Connected World. Course Technology. Read More
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Information Systems Concepts Info331 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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