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It is for this reason that all organizations are required to have a comprehensive information system that manipulates data into meaningful and useful information. However, organizations are faced with the…
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Information System and Enterprise Systems
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Information System and Enterprise Systems al Affiliation) Information System and Enterprise Systems Information forms a significant part of inputs for all organizations. It is for this reason that all organizations are required to have a comprehensive information system that manipulates data into meaningful and useful information. However, organizations are faced with the dilemma of whether to buy or build their information systems. The decision is based on a culmination of numerous factors. The most important factor is the cost of the information system. Organizations are required to operate efficiently. This means that they ought to maximize productivity at the lowest cost. Therefore, organizations will either buy or build their information systems depending on the respective costs weighed against the benefits. In addition, organizations may consider the level of expertise required before deciding whether to buy or build the information systems. Information systems require sophisticated expertise in information technology. It may be prudent to evaluate the level of expertise required before making the decision. Information systems are composed of both hardware and software that are integrated in a complex interplay. Organizations ought to consider the availability of resources required to build an information system. The decision on whether to buy or build the information systems may be based on the availability of the hardware and software required.
Customer relationship management is a significant enterprise system responsible for enhancing productivity. However, organizations fail to focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, organizations may have a hard time reaching out to customers for information. Customers are fundamental to organizations because the information they provide forms a major part of the input. Customer relationship management may be improved if organizations focus on service as a product rather than as an expense. It is important that organizations value their customers to ensure that customer loyalty is attained. It is argued that customer loyalty is directly proportional to productivity (OBrien et al., 2007). In addition, organizations need to establish platforms that make it easier for them to access the customers. Such platforms include social media and search engine optimization. In the contemporary world, customers prefer companies that have an online profile to the traditional system of visiting the offices physically.
OBrien, J., Marakas, G., & OBrien, J. (2007). Enterprise information systems. Boston: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Read More
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