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This research paper seeks to justify why the use of the internet in emergency response operations is not bound to reduce even after numerous security challenges have accrued in the past. The use of internet in emergency operations is growingly becoming an integral part of the various response team…
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Internet in Emergency Operations
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Various institutions are working towards improving the security of the cyberspace. Individuals are still bound to use the internet for such responses (White, 2010). The last decade has seen fruitful in-depth collaborations between people and the internet. In fact, it can be documented that stakeholders who don’t make use of the internet experience numerous forms of hindrances when fostering incident mitigation and fruitful cooperation in different fronts like terrorism or fire incidences. While it is clear that most issues affecting Incident Command Systems need engagements from various stakeholders, some changes have to be from within the communities. The Internet Governing Forum through the Multi-Advisory Group has acknowledged that well put out communal structured would even go further to help handle internet security issues that most organizations currently face. “ICS allows agencies to work together using common terminology and operating procedures for controlling personnel, facilities, equipment, and communications at an incident scene,” said Jeffrey Paniati who is the Associate Administrator for Operations Federal Highway Administration (Operations, 2006). A well-articulated emergency response plan made prior to the emergencies will certainly lessen property, liability and reduce chances of deaths. At the scene of critical incidents handling communication, controlling resources and personnel will certainly require a predetermined chain of command (Moynihan, 2009). The internet is still facing security challenges. However, the use of internet in emergency operations is still crucial in responding to recurring emergency problems. Some of the challenges are like unmanageable span of control, nonintegrated communication systems and the inability to expand and contract mitigation resources. The backgrounds of emergency incidents are full of far worse damages that have since been solved thanks to the internet. ICS, for example, is an all model approach which can be implemented regardless of the magnitude of a disaster and also ensures proper coordination of finances, logistics, planning, personnel and general operations. (IGF, 2014) Read More
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