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Week 10, 11 - Assignment Example

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The SaaS applications are easier to download and maintain. It also saves time of customers because maintenance responsibilities are transferred…
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Week 10, 11
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Download file to see previous pages Its advantages are obvious as compared to disadvantages. Low cost and time saving has made it a delivery model for various business applications.
Answer A. Data location is one of the security risk revealed by Gartner in textbook. Users might want to know the exact location where data is hosted. One does not know the place where cloud servers are placed, but believes that where cloud servers are located that is a safe place and no security risk is for stored information.
Answer B. It is said that users have concern about data security and does not need to know where data is located. However, users of cloud computing service believe that local privacy requirements are met by authority keeping the cloud servers.
Answer B: In the above figure, important concepts relevant to a Management Information System are given in a linear hierarchal way. Response management system, health information system, and sales information system are the main classes of MIS. Its services are numerous for business organizations.
Answer A: Both UML and pseudo code are vital for designing and development of an online course delivery system. A UML of the online course delivery system will give graphical view of the system. Use Cases or other diagrams of UML save time for developers because system requirements are elicited very early in software development life cycle.
Answer B. Pseudo code is another way of system representation in non-graphical view. It allows the developers/software engineer to specify levels of design description, which are required for each situation. Initial approach of UML is more suitable than pseudo code because it helps the software engineers throughout the life cycle of a system. It provides basic guidelines to developers for system designing and development.
Answer A: A class diagram is mostly used by developers. This diagram is core for system designing and development. Objects and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Week 10, 11 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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