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In considering the issue of privacy of information as pertains to online customer transactions, there are a number of key issues that need to be considered. These issues include the fact that some websites can be able to automatically collect information every time that an…
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Privacy of Information
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Privacy of Information Question In considering the issue of privacy of information as pertains to online transactions, there are a number of key issues that need to be considered. These issues include the fact that some websites can be able to automatically collect information every time that an individual visits them. Other websites either plant cookies on the user’s system or ask for the user to provide personal information such as name, phone number and email address before a user can be allowed to view the website’s content or even become a member. A number of serious privacy of information security concerns have been raised as a result of this practice. This is because it is possible for companies and organizations to use this data in an unauthorized manner.
The main stakeholders around the privacy of information include the internet users, the websites visited by these internet users and the United States National Security Agency that has the ability to access internet communication from across the globe.
Question 2:
In considering the issue of privacy of information in respect to online customer transactions, there are a number of factors that the team needs to consider. One of these is the question as to whether there are currently any legal restrictions that target the issue of privacy of information. This is important as it is essential for the company to ensure that it constantly remains within the legal parameters. Another aspect that the team needs to think about is the question as to what is the current prevailing feeling among customers about the collection of their personal information from the online transactions that they make. This is important as it will help in informing the company’s decision making process. To learn more about the main issues, the best action that the team can engage in is to organize a professional training course whereby the team members can be educated on the latest main issues surrounding the issues of privacy of information and exactly how to tackle them.
Question 3:
There are a number of difficulties that surround the maintaining of privacy of information. Some of these include the difficulty facing users in preventing cookies spyware from illegally accessing their information. Companies such as social media sites, email service providers and banks are faced with the risk of having their customer information becoming illegally accessed by hackers (Easttom and Taylor, 10).
Question 4:
Some of the possible solutions that can be employed by users to help in better securing their personal information include the installation of quality antispyware detection and removal software onto their systems. This will ensure that their systems do not become compromised by any unwanted spyware that might inadvertently gain access to their systems. Users can also ensure that they do not allow unnecessary cookies onto their systems. In addition to this, they should also ensure that they regularly delete cookies from their systems.
Companies such as social media sites, banks and email service providers should ensure that the personal customer information that is contained on their websites is encrypted and properly secured against access by third party illegal users (Finkelstein and Sims, 361). They should also ensure that their company servers have the latest security systems to prevent unauthorized access by hackers.
Question 5:
The potential effects of using antispyware detection and removal software and the regulation of which cookies will have access to a users system, is that the customer will enjoy better privacy of information. In addition, the securing of company servers from access by hackers will help ensure that customer personal information is well secured and not easily accessed by unauthorized individuals. The encryption of the data stored in company servers will help ensure that the customer personal information is better secured as it will be difficult for hackers to decipher it in the event that they do manage to access it.
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