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Report on Information System Analysis and Development - Comic Library - Coursework Example

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This is because the application of technology in various industries has made it easy for transporting goods and performing service delivery to clients. A…
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Report on Information System Analysis and Development - Comic Library
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Download file to see previous pages The content of this paper aims to describe the process of analysing and designing the system. These processes also entail the planning of the project development cycle and the management criteria utilized in achieving the project. Economic development within a business means there is an increase in demand for services therefore there is the need for increased and service delivery to always ensure the clients or customers are satisfied by the products.
This project report aims to highlight on the challengers of using the current comic library system and subsequently propose new concepts of improving the current system operation to ensuring and increase customer satisfaction. The proposed system should offer reliable services through automating the operations that are considered to be manual in the current information system. That is why it is greatly advisable for the Comic Library business to upgrade its systems to support modern technologies that would include features and functions that support a wide area network. Installing a new technological system for the organization would be more efficient, reliable, and cheaper to implement. This is because it would not only help the institution to deliver quality services, but also enable it to increase their client foundation, hence get increased revenue generation for business.
The existing system requires a lot of manual operations which consumes a lot of time. This current information system majorly depends on the manual method of storage for the resources offered by the institution. Furthermore, manually adding content from set locations leads to a lot of additional work which requires a high level of attentiveness to ensure there in no errors in cataloging and storing the information resource. The current system involves a lot of time consumption in terms of operating time and service delivery delay. This is not good for any business since it has a slow performance thus it is most likely to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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